Scunci Hair Accessories {Giveaway CLOSED}


You know that “just been to the hairdresser and my hair is looking fabulous look”?

Jeez, I love it! I usually only experience it once every few months. Most of the time, my hair is tied up or clipped up in a messy mum-bun, off of my face and out of the way.

Amelia, with her head full of curls, loves hair accessories too. She loves pretty hair ties, clips, head bands – you name it, she loves it.

Scunci approached us to try out some hair accessories a few weeks back – of course we were interested. It was a no-brainer really. We love Scunci Hair Accessories and have been using them for a years.

Amelia loved the Scunci Crochet Head Wraps. They’re stretchy, great colours, keep her hair out of her face and most importantly, they’re not too tight.
Why yes, wearing all 3 head wraps from the pack - at the same time - is the look to go for this summer :-)
We also loved the Scunci Evolution Elastics. They feel like a mix between plastic and rubber with a no-slip grip - and can be worn not only in hair, but as Amelia discovered, bracelets.
Scunci is stocked Australia wide in retailers Priceline, Big W, Target, selected pharmacies and salons. RRP range from $4.95 to $12.95.

Keep up to date with Scunci news -pop on over to the Scunci Hair Accessories – Australia Facebook Page or visit their website

With thanks to Scunci Australia, one Samelia’s Mum reader has the chance to win this fabulous Scunci Mother & Daughter pack.
This Mother & Daughter pack is valued at $55 and includes products for both adults and kids.
To enter, visit the Scunci website and tell me which 3 products you (or your little pink person) love the most.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Open to Australian residents only.
  2. Giveaway will close on 27 September 2012.
  3. Winner will be chosen randomly.
  4. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.
  5. Winner/s will be contacted by email.
Disclaimer: No payment was received for this post. I did however, receive Scunci Hair Accessories to review. All opinions are my own or of my family.


Michelle said...

The no slip grip elastics (brights)
The Scunci comb headband
And the Mini Butterfly jaw clips

Narelle Rock said...

the Sun Flower Snap Clips, pastel polybands & the
Butterfly Mini Jaw Clips

CindyC said...

Scunci Hi Styles,Scunci Pin Twirls and Scunci Girl stretchy crochet

Sarah said...

Scunci Girl flower glitter headband, Scunci Girl Glitter Headband,Scunci Girl Star Bead Clippies

Norlin Mustapha said...

Love the No Damage Elastics for thick hair (great for Miss 10), the pin twirls for me, and the No Slip Grip Pastel ones for Miss 8 .

Kim m said...

My daughter would love everything, but would prbably love the butterfly clips, flower snap clips and the star bead clippies, I'll have to get her some!!!

Monique said...

The Grooming detangling comb, the bun maker, and the Mini Cotton Scrunchies. I haven't heard of this brand but they have some great things!!

Sharyn Williams said...

great hair products and the girls in this house LOVE hair products - i love the bun maker, no damage elastcics (60 piece value pack), mini towelling ponytailers (24 piece)

Mary Preston said...

A fabulous giveaway thank you. We love the:

Scunci Girl 16p no slip grip elastic

Scunci Girl 6p crimped headwraps

Scunci Girl 6p Sun Flower Snap Clips

Brianna said...

Grooming detailing comb,Scunci girls lower glitter headband and the bun maker. All look great

Larabelle said...

Sunflower snap clips

Bunmaker - that'd save Mummy a lot of angst!

Stretchy crochet headwrap

Gabi said...

Flower Snap Clips
Butterfly Mini Jaw Clips
butterfly snap clips

Beverley Power said...

My Miss 9 has super thick hair and the thick no-slip elastics are an essential for us - the scunci ones are so good. Miss 6 would like the satin bow head band and I find the thin elastics are great for making self cover buttons into pretty hair elastics. Fingers crossed! :-)

Tracey Evans said...

My two girls like the the Evolution hair elastics, Miss almost 10 loves the Girls Glitter Head band and we all like the Crochet head wraps.

Joanne Williams said...

Girls Glitter Head Band and Flower Snap Clips would be my favourites!

Deb said...

both my girls are growing out their fringes and DRIVING ME TO DISTRACTION so I would choose the Scunci Girl Flower Headband, Scunci Girl 2p Flower Snap Clips and the Scunci 2pc Mini Bendini Clips.

either that, or I'm getting the scissors out.

Rachel T said...

The bun maker would be a lifesaver I think! I also like the Girl Flower snap clips they'd look great on my little girl!
And lastly I've always wanted to try a scunci upzing. :)

Amanda said...

With the
Scunci Grooming Cushion Brush PackScunci 48p No Slip Grip Bobby Pins
Scunci Girl 12pc Evolution Elastics with Motif

I can certainly create some colourful hairstyles!

Allie said...

The Scunci head wraps are an amazing design with beautiful colours. We love the Scunci girl head bands and the no damage bands. A wonderful website that will no doubt will be very very successful.

Donato said...

I'm a long haired Dad, always stealing my daughters hair ties much to her disgust. Having had a look, we both love these 3 the best: -

18p Satin No Damage Elastic - Black
14pc Evolution Elastics - Brights
Grooming 5p Black Knit Hair Ties

Diana O said...

Girl 3p stretchy crochet headwrap
Grooming 2p Jaw Clips
18p Blends No Damage Elastics Brown

Sonya Nicole said...

I (well, we... my daughter and I!) love the stretchy crochet headwrap, the crimped headwraps and the No Damage Hair Elastics for thick hair.

Dee said...

No slip grip jaw clip, Grooming 90p Brown Bobby Pins & No Damage Thick Elastics Brights

Jasmine Nelson said...

Flower Snap Clips
Evolution hair elastics
butterfly snap clips

Barbara said...

Crochet stretchy headwrap
Butterfly mini jaw clips
Butterfly snap clips

Tracy A said...

My little girl loves the Scunci Girl Butterfly Mini Jaw Clips ,Scunci Girl 4p Star Bead Clippies & I love for myself the Scunci No slip grip head wraps .

Lauren/y said...

Love the bun maker, the high styles and the black headwraps, sigh, I just love hair accessories!

Rebecca Bird said...

Scunci 3p Puckered Headwrap, Scunci Girl 4p Star Bead Clippies & the Scunci Girl 3p stretchy crochet. Lots of cute stuff!

Danya Banya said...

Great products! I like the Scunci crochet head wraps - perfect for keeping baby fine hair off faces

Karlene said...

A satin bow headband + heart flexi headwrap + pony tail expanding holder

MissMelissa Kagie said...

Love the Scunci Pony Tail Expanding Holder, Scunci No Damage Hair Elasics for THICK HAIR and the Scunci 2pc Mini Bendini Clips :)

Trina Bassula said...

I would love to try the Scunci 2p French Zig Zag Headband, the Scunci Grooming 52p No Damage Polybands and the Scunci Girl 4p Star Bead Clippies for my nieces :)

jody jamieson said...

the bun maker
Crochet stretchy headwrap

the bun maker

i love these products there great

Elise said...

No damage elastics, Scunci Girl Flower Headband,& Scunci Grooming Lift and Style Comb

Lisa Abejja said...

Oh I am loving the Scunci Bun Maker, the Upzing and the Girl 4p star bead clippies :)

The Mindful Mum said...

Scunci Girl 6p Sun Flower Snap Clips
Scunci Girl 2p butterfly snap clips

Scunci Girl 2p flower snap clips

My daughter is all about butterflies and flowers atm :-)

Hannah Copeland said...

Scunci 14pc Evolution Elastics - Brights
Scunci 4p No Slip Grip Pastel Headwraps

Scunci Girl 3p stretchy crochet headwrap

Love the bright colourful ones for my daughter

Sonia e said...

Scunci Girl 2p butterfly snap clips
Scunci Girl 3p stretchy crochet headwrap
the bun maker
My niece would love these she is such a princess :)

Elizabeth said...

Scrunci No Damage Hair Elastics for Thick Hair - so perfect for keeping hair split end free!
Scrunci Comb Headband - ideal for keeping hair out of my face :)
Scrunci No Slip Grip Bobby pins - because we go through them so quickly!

Crystal said...

2 pc mini bendini clips, Scunci Girl 500p pastel polybands, Scunci Girl 4p Star Bead Clippies

Kirsten W said...

Scrunci bun maker, Scunci Girl 6p Sun Flower Snap Clips and the Scunci Girl 1p heart flexi headwrap.

Michele Lima said...

We love the Bun Maker, Pin Twirls and Wooden Upzing.

Christina Lungo said...

Scunci Girl Flower headband, Scunci Bun Maker & Butterfly snap clips

Michelle Warwick said...

Bun maker, stretchy crochet head wraps and the upzing...awesome products!

Michelle Gray said...

Miss 4 would love, Scunci Girl Polka Dot Headband, Scunci Girl 6p flower top snap clips and Scunci Girl 6p flower top snap clips :)

Josie said...

Scrunci Bun Maker: perfect for Miss 10's ballet buns

Scrunci No Damage Hair Elastics: perfect for Miss 8's thick hair

Scrunci Flower Snap Clips: Perfect for Miss 3 who's favourite colour at the moment is rainbows

Renee Annison said...

Scunci Wooden Upzing for mummy,Scunci Girl 6p flower top snap clips and Scunci 2pc Mini Bendini Clips for little miss 3

Amanda Elizabeth Gorham said...

No slip grip Bobby pins, the bun maker, and flower snap clips- would make school mornings so easy with 3 little girls!!!

Dianne Childs said...

I love the Scunci Bun Maker, Scunci No Damage Thick Hair Elastics in Black and Scunci No Slip Grip Split Band with Cushion Tips. So handy!

salwa said...

For me I would like to try the Scunci Upzing. My older girl would love the Scunci Girl 1p heart flexi headwrap and my second eldest would love the Scunci Girl 6p Sun Flower Snap Clips.

toni hill said...

I just love the
Sun flower snap clips
500p pastel polybands
and Flower headband

shaz said...

Scunci Bun Maker,
Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics,
Scunci No slip grip head wraps My Girls love a variety as they love doing their Hair

Kylie said...

Fantastic products! I especially like the bun maker, no damage hair elastics & flower snap clips :)

SameliasMum said...

Congratulations! You are the winner. Please send me your postal details and your prize will be on it's way to you soon.