You sunk my battleship!

We've been trialling a few games on the iPhone and iPad - courtesy of EA Games.

There are many "Top" lists of apps and games to download and try for tablets and smart phones.

But as I'm sharing ideas for Fathers Day, this is my list of Top 3 games for Dad:

1. Battleship

Like the board game he used to play back in the 80's, the Battleship game is a good one for dad.

Fantastic graphics and sound effects, it is the perfect app for a dad who enjoyed playing this when he was young. He will reminisce and feel like he's 10 years old again.

2. Cut The Rope

It starts off as a game for the kids. A great way for them to use their problem solving skills. But, before long, the challenges get a little more difficult. A little tougher.

So the kids ask dad for help.

Before long, dad has taken over the game and is completely addicted! He won't admit to being addicted mind you... but he is.

3. The Game of Life

This is another fun game in which dad can choose his character and then touch screen to spin.

Will he settle down and get married or stay single living the high life?

The possibilities are endless - and a lot of fun in the process.

So here I have some iTune gift ideas for dad. Gift him some games for his phone and he'll never be bored while waiting for his next appointment.

What other games or apps do you suggest for dads?

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  1. I quite like the card game Spider! (from Brainiac)


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