The Ladies' Stitching Club by Oliver + S

The Ladies' Stitching Club is the new range by Oliver + S for Moda Fabrics.

The ladies’ stitching club was formed when an independent minded young lady awoke from a dream in which she had worn a beautifully embroidered blouse.

Yearning to make her own she was able to find both knowledgeable seamstresses and others like her who wanted to learn the craft.

These ladies of all ages joined together to form a club of eccentric women who met monthly to stitch, teach and support each other, and celebrate their diversity and strengths.


The Ladies Stitching Club by Oliver   S - Chart


The Ladies Stitching Club is now available in my eStore.

The Ladies Stitching Club by Oliver   S - Jelly Roll


  1. What a great story behind some pretty fabric!

  2. That is a beautiful range of fabric


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