Mariners Compass – Practically Paper Piecing {Blog Hop}

Orphaned paper pieced blocks – do you have any of these in your sewing room? Perhaps tucked away in a bag or box, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Kristy at Quiet Play had the fabulous idea of a Paper Piecing Blog Hop, and has rallied up a months worth of bloggers, to show you ways to use the orphan paper pieced blocks you may have. Pop on over to have a look at the list of bloggers who have participated.



I made my Mariners Compass a few months back. Traditionally, a Mariners Compass block is used in the centre of a quilt… but I like to do things a little differently. Read more about the Mariners Compass class HERE.

I made my Mariners Compass Block into a table topper. It’s a great size for the centre of the coffee table and rather than have it sitting in a bag, waiting for me to get around to making a quilt to showcase all of the work that went into making this paper pieced beauty, it is now used regularly.

My binding is looking a little wonky in this photo – I’m not sure why.


Mariners Compass Table Topper


It’s hand quilted around some of the blades and the central star. I was going through a bit of a hand quilting phase back then.


Mariner Compass Quilting


And here it is, on my coffee table, with a lovely large Country Road glass vase on top.


Mariners Compass Vase


I think we got this vase for our wedding… many years ago.

Hmm… this reminds me that our wedding anniversary is coming up in mid September.

Hmm... that vase really needs some flowers.

Must speak to my Mister about that… or just give him some very STRONG hints.


Do you have any orphan paper pieced blocks that need some attention?


And more importantly, does your husband “get” your hints?


  1. I practically have to hit my hubby over the head with my hints to get him to take notice! lol.
    You're super talented Anorina...your mariner's block looks fab!

  2. That looks amazing! Honestly, I don't hint anymore. Won't get anywhere if I did. I just tell it like it is! hahaha!

  3. Well I've left the empty vase on the table and he's walked past it a few times - hasn't said anything yet. Sometimes he's great with getting hints - and sometimes, not.
    I guess this is a good test as to whether he actually reads my blog ;-)

  4. LOL - maybe we should set reminders on their phones :)

  5. oh Anorina that is so goegeous,well done,i love it you are so clever.xx

  6. Kristy @ Quiet Play8/28/12, 12:59 PM

    Great idea for a Mariner's Compass! Love the hand quilting - it's just beautiful Anorina :)

  7. It's beautiful!

  8. What a gorgeous table topper and such a great use of your beautiful mariners compass.

  9. Alyce {Blossom Heart Quilts}8/29/12, 4:02 PM

    It's beautiful Anorina, good job!!

  10. It is beautiful! I love your fabric choices.


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