Cleaning Fairy

It's been days since I last blogged - which for me, is not the norm.

As you may remember we're on the verge of building our dream home... but in the meantime, we're busy cleaning and getting our current home ready for sale.

Over the weekend, my husband got out the high pressure water cleaner. I've heard him talk about it and have probably even seen him use it. Well, I had a little turn when hub put it down to get the broom... and for the next 3 hours did not put it down.

My pergola, pavers, side and back gardens look sparkling clean. I couldn't move my hand or arm the next morning, but geez I'm proud of my effort :)

Today, I am writing this as I sit in the car waiting to pick up Sam from school.

The estate photographer is coming by tomorrow morning to take photos to advertise online and in the newspapers etc... our first open house is on Saturday. It's a busy busy week.

I know the general rule about selling houses is "less is more". I've emptied and cleaned out the front living room - but I think it looks too bare.

Perhaps a rug? Some art on the walls? Not sure. Looking for suggestions.

Next job is the kitchen. If anyone has any great tips or pointers on how to get the oven clean without using chemicals, I'd love to hear them.

Did you have a busy weekend?


  1. This is the first time I have opened my computer since leaving home on Thursday afternoon, I get emails and twitter on phone can do facebook too, I like your clean house and yes maybe a rug would look good.
    Went to GJ fabrics today, fat quarters $2, could have spent more than the $30 I did. Don't stress to much about your house someone will want it, have fun with the open house

  2. WOW! It's so tidy, it looks like nobody lives there! It probably does need a little something...maybe a throw rug draped over the arm and some art...something neutral and non-personal iykwim. If you need to borrow something, let me know. I have an Ikea set of 3 canvas that would suit.

  3. I say leave it. You want people to imagine their belongings in the room so this gives them less to mentally move out and a blank wall for their art. Yes, a rug would seem more "homey" but then you're dividing the room, making it appear smaller overall.
    As far as sight goes, yellow is the color we remember first so placing a yellow vase or flowers (whatever!) will make this home more visually memorable. If you really want to do something, bake bread or cookies--people automatically associate these smells with "home" and smell is a greater influence than sight. Best wishes for a quick sale!

  4. From what I've seen on looking around the net, baking soda and either vinegar or water seems to be the go for cleaning an oven. This one suggests baking soda but further down in the comments someone said water and baking soda had the same effect and a further comment from someone who tested the theory seemed to back it up. Might have to give it a go myself! Love to hear how you get on with your oven.

  5. As an ex Estate Agent in the UK, I would recommend a rug and a largish picture on the blank wall. Although people want the place to appear spacious they also want it to be homely. Good luck with the 'open' house.


  6. Testing out this Disqus thing - so far I have had great frustration and no success with it at all!

  7. Still trying to work out this diqus thing...

  8. Wow! I say hang a nice quilt behind the sofa. Bake something like bread before the openhouse. Really does make a house seem more like home.

  9. Hope the open house went well - what you've shown us looks great.

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