All About My Daddy {Kids Craft}

I came across a fun idea for a handmade Fathers Day gift, on Pinterest. It led me to Yesterday on Tuesday which has the original printable.

Rather than print it from the website, I’ve just used the same questions - I typed them out on a Word document and chose a fun font.

I made sure Amelia’s answers stood out (in red) then printed it and framed it with a gorgeous white frame.


All About My Daddy - Fathers Day handmade


Before Sunday – Fathers Day, I will get Amelia to do some drawings on the inner cardboard frame (under the glass).

Amelia enjoyed answering the questions… and the fun part is that I know about 80% of the answers are how she sees daddy, rather than her real daddy.

It’s a quick gift, but a gift with a lot of meaning. I’m sure hubby will appreciate it and will find a special place for it in his study (when we build the new house).

Do your kids like to make handmade gifts for daddy?


  1. what a lovely idea.xx

  2. Thanks Shez :)

  3. What fun! Some of those answers made me smile (and since I feel terrible, with a heavy head cold, that's a wonderful thing!)

  4. housewifeinheels8/29/12, 6:29 AM

    What a beautiful idea! Also, beautiful quilt at my little drummer boys :)

  5. This is a beautiful idea!!!! Might have to try it out with my little ones next Father's day!!!


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