The Wish Quilt

A couple of years ago, I made The Wish Quilt.

Click here for the Work In Progress post.

It was a quilt pattern by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly. It came out in 3 separate issues of Australian Homespun magazine.

For me, The Wish Quilt is a very treasured quilt and early every December, it comes out of storage and hangs on my living room wall – very proudly.

I adore red work and making this quilt was such a pleasure. The patchwork, and seam alignment isn’t the greatest but it was one of my earliest quilts, so I forgive myself.

My images are on Flickr and have had many views. I often receive emails asking if I can send out a copy of the pattern, but I always refer the person back to Homespun or Red Brolly.


Well, I have some exciting news!

Bronwyn Hayes is such a generous lady and is making available The Wish Quilt on her website.

The first stitchery is now available, free to download. So pop on over, download and getting stitching… so you can hang The Wish Quilt on your wall this Christmas.

Do you love to stitch?
What is your favourite stitch?
What do you love to stitch?


  1. What a beautiful quilt, I love red work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is such a lovely quilt.... I do love to stitch and I love incorporating stitching into quilts and other items.... I do favour backstitch....

  3. I was not interested in this quilt when it was published in Homespun, but I am very keen to take advantage of the free downloads from Red Brolly now! I did saved the first ones last week, and look forward to the rest of them. As for hanging in my home THIS Christmas, well that will not be happening for me! LOL

  4. I used to cross stitch (counted) but haven't done any for many years. I absolutely adore this quilt - it is gorgeous! I'm a big lover of all things Christmas (it's possibly my favourite time of year) so I can understand how excited you would be to pull this out and hang each December :)

  5. I started embroidering as a young girl, but I haven't done any major embroidery projects for decades, I'm afraid. I do hope to make a redwork quilt someday. Your post has inspired me! Love your redwork blocks!

  6. I love your quilt!
    You've done a beautiful job with the piecing! And the stitching.
    It looks absolutely stunning!
    Bronwyn ...

  7. I love the finished result. I have just started the Santa block (almost done). It will be a very special quilt!

  8. Thank you. It's a happy stitchery isn't it? We're getting into the christmas spirit early.

  9. Thank you Bronwyn :)

  10. Thanks LeAnn. Glad I could help inspire :) I'm contemplating stitching the big Santa block and making some matching cushions for Christmas.

  11. Thanks Cathy. I love Christmas too and love making all sorts of Christmassy things for my house and as gifts.

  12. I do love to stitch - I will give anything a go!


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