Unicorn Quilt by a Generous Quokka

The online quilting community is one of the most generous and supportive groups of people I have ever come across.

We come from all over the world and many of us have never met, and probably will never, meet each other in real life.

We chat on online forums and use our blogs, Flickr and Twitter to keep in touch. We talk about our craft. We also talk about ourselves and divulge titbits of information about our lives. Before we know it, we have become friends with these people. What began through connecting because of a common interest, became friendship.

This morning, Amelia and I checked our post office box, as we do every morning. Inside our box was a parcel collection card. We like these cards. Very very much. The post office lady handed over the parcel which was addressed to Amelia.

Oh my goodness. A parcel, just for her. The squeals! She hadn’t even opened it but was thrilled. We went back to the car, Amelia clutching her parcel and drove up to the pre-school.

Before going into school, she opened it… and then squealed some more.

Laura from Quokka Quilts made this spectacular painted quilt a few months back. The unicorn has been quilted with amazing detail and it is a beautiful work of art. Absolutely Beautiful!!

I remember when I first saw it on Facebook (or maybe it was on her blog), I commented about how my daughter loves unicorns. Which she ABSOLUTELY does. She has a "blessing of unicorns" (which is the collective term – I googled).


Here is little miss holding up her Unicorn Quilt in the car park of her pre-school. Not the most glamorous of locations, but Amelia doesn’t mind. She looks quite pleased, doesn’t she?

So Laura contacted me last week and asked for my postal address because she wanted to send the Unicorn quilt to Amelia. I was speechless. Such an amazingly generous gift. Thank you Laura. It is stunning and will be cherished. Amelia has already told me that we have to hang it on the wall above her bed.

Amelia can’t give you a thank you cuddle in person, so has blowed you virtual kiss.


  1. How wonderful! A beautiful child, a beautiful quilt. I call it a match made in Heaven.

  2. P.S. I had to google Quokka to find out what it was :^)

    1. Hehe, the Dutch mistook Quokkas for rats and called the island they found them on Rottnest. Which is near where I live. I prefer being called a Quokka to a rat tho...

  3. Lucky Amelia! What a beautiful surprise on an otherwise ordinary day. Don't you love a squishy envelope in the mail, even when you know what's in it! Really exciting when its a surprise. I saw this unicorn on Facebook too and thought it was beautiful. Well done Laura for making a little girl so happy!

  4. Oh Laura!! That was so beautiful!! Wow, she'll treasure that forever!!

  5. I can imagine the joy in Amelia for the rest of the day, and to wake every morning and see how someone cared for her, that she gave this gift. Laura, you are a gem.

  6. Oh, what a wonderful gift. Crafters are indeed very generous people.

  7. Laura - what a wonderful gift.

  8. what a lovely story.xx

  9. Looks great Laura....mum, give it a good iron...won't harm the paintwork ....what a happy little girl. It's actually a Pegacorn which is a cross between unicorn and Pegasus coz Unisus soundes silly!
    HG.....glad someone enjoyed the day coz I am sick on bed coughing and it's my birthday....least my neighbor brought me chocolate and a good book....

  10. I love that first picture, the look of excitement on her face! So cute.

  11. what an amazing present to receive and what lovely little girl you have.

  12. So cute!!! Both the quilt and Amelia! That was a generous git indeed! And the kiss from the picture should be posted on your wall for you to look at! How sweet!

  13. What a wonderful, wonderful gift!!! Amelias face says it all!!!


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