Orange Peel Quilting – my way

When it comes to quilting, I usually go with what I know.

Stippling or a meandering all over pattern, are my usual options.

As it’s orange week over at ASWC, I decided to play on the orange theme and try my hand at orange peel quilting.

I’m probably doing it all wrong, but this is how I quilted my version of the orange peel design.


I started at the centre of the block. In all honesty, with the first square, I measured and made a mark with my blue water removable pen.

By the second, third, fourth etc... squares I just eye-balled.

So I started at the centre, and made a sort of curve up to the corner… and then curved back down to the centre… and then curved up to the next corner and curved back down to the centre… and continued in this way until that square was completed.

It’s not perfect, but it was fun… and fast!

I like it.

I like to think of it as rustic.

Or organic.

Like an orange…


Have you ever tried Orange Peel Quilting?


  1. I've not tried it - mostly because I'd never even heard of it until today!

  2. looks good.xx

  3. I've hand quilted a quilt with that design but I didn't know it was called Orange Peel! Learn something new everyday!


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