Is your handbag like the Bermuda Triangle? (Giveaway)

Winner is Jenetta

As is the case with most women, my handbag is a huge part of my life. It weighs a few kilograms and carrying it around is a daily work out in itself. My husband, says it weighs more than my 4 year old daughter *insert eye roll here*.

I’m one of those “just in case” people. I carry so many extras of things – just in case I need them. As the kids get older, I don’t need to carry as many things anymore, but they still take up space in my bag.

Rummaging through my bag, I’ve done a quick stocktake. In no particular order:
Keys, iPhone, wallet, wet wipes, tissues, a unicorn, hand sanitiser, snacks, colouring pencils (and a mini colouring book), fluffy lollies (without their wrappers), lip gloss (multiple), re-usable shopping bags, pens, panadol, business cards, toy car, Nintendo DSi and about a squillion old receipts.

I’ve cleaned out my handbag and have placed the necessities in my new Cocoon Grid-It! I’ve tossed the the accumulated stuff I don’t need and I have to say that my handbag feels so much lighter.

The Cocoon Grid-It is handbag organisation - at it’s finest.

Have you heard of a Cocoon Grid-It? Until last week, I hadn’t either.

This is what I’m talking about (except mine is pink).

Cocoon Grid-It

It has a huge number of configurations, and allows you to arrange your bag in any way you see fit.

It has rubberised woven elastic straps to securely suspend your daily
items safely. If you flip it over, it can be used as a mouse pad too. As I don’t use a mouse anymore, so I’ll take the manufacturers word for it.

The Cocoon Grid-It is available in five sizes to organise bags of all shapes and sizes and comes in five different colours to match your personal style.

You can get the Cocoon Grid-It!, on their website HERE - JB HiFi and Howard’s Storage World are also a stockists.

Or you can enter my Cocoon Grid-It giveaway! I have a pink one to give away to one luck reader. Yay!!

Just leave a comment telling me:

What do you have lurking in the bottom of your handbag?

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Disclaimer: I received a Cocoon Grid-It for the purpose of a review.


  1. What don't I have! Tissues (new and used - yuck!), Butter Menthols, paperclips (not sure why!), a pen, calculator, diary, dirt (in the corners - time for a clean out!), resusable shopping bag, little zipped bag for tablets, bandaids etc, phone, purse, second purse for all the loyalty cards, I could go on and on! Mind you when my other half needs something when we're out, you know it'll be in there somewhere!

  2. Apart from wallet, sunglasses, mobile phone and reading glasses case (the glasses are on me at the moment), the most important item in my handbag is my bottle of water! Never go anywhere without it.

  3. Do you really want to know??

    The kids' bank books, headache balm, hand cream, lip balm, lipstick, a pair of girls's socks, glasses case, pens, tissues, hand sanitiser, panty liners, hair ties, comb, coin change, clean boy's jocks (??), plastic (tupperware) spoon, receipts, a prescription, a "Ripper Reader" library pack, sweetener sachets & a handbag charm hanger thingie.

    I think it's time for a clean out!

  4. All I can say is "Ditto to you Anorina, minus the DSI and adding a packet of sultanas!!!". This sounds like it could be the perfect solution to my handbag 'issue' and stop my husband for commenting all the time too!

  5. Handbag contains wallet, notebook, keys, coin purse (currently approx $80 for spending at craft shop) hand cream, a number of pens, nail file, hankie - clean I hope, brush and comb and maybe a couple of shopping bags. Gone are the days of carrying stuff for kids but occasionally I get the request from Steve to carry a book or some other purchase that he doesn't want to carry.
    The thing that floats around the bottom of my bag are new hearing aid batteries. They are in these strange little packets that really don't fit anywhere in a handbag, them and extra batteries for my camera role around which ever bag I am currently using. The last lot I bought at chemist warehouse have been setting off the sensors in every and I mean EVERY store I have walked in and out of over the last 4 weeks. The manager at the Koorong store in Penrith yesterday ran them over their system and now I am not setting anything off. YEAH!!!!!

  6. My handbag is a nappy bag!! It has been for the last four years, with my youngest still in nappies I forsee a long time before I can get a lovely new sweet handbag that fits just what I need and no more nappies, nappy cream, wipes, nappy bags, toys, etc!!!!
    But an organiser sounds wonderful to contain my things away from the above mentioned items.

  7. I have too so many things besides the normal wallet, keys ...breath mints, hearing aid batteries too, nail clippers, Tupperware shake keying , lollipop, Tissues, Panadol, receipts, earn &learn stickers that detached, swim school cards, library hours brochure, toothpick, water bottle , pen, orange, LEGO men and odd pieces.

  8. Lots of tiny little beads from a burst moisture absorber, I do mean to get around to getting those out... Also plenty of old shopping lists, dockets and about five different lip glosses (for variety, you see).

    kate1485 at

  9. Great idea - oh dear, the list is long. Wallet, glasses case, sunglasses, 3 enviro shopping bags, 2 notebooks, about 4 pens, band aids, mobile, hands free earbuds, panadol, milanta tablets, fuel discount vouchers, business cards, Enjo catalogues (from a party last weekend), a comb, an unused bithday card, pizza vouchers, throat lozenges, lipstick, face powder, tampon, loose change, paperclips, min peg???, hand cream, recipts, fuel discount vouchers, lip balm, tissues, wet wipes - I need a clean out! No wonder my bag weighs a tonne! Tracee xx

  10. Love the look of this, can see it being perfect for traveling also. I have bits of gluten free bars, bits of tissue, wet wipes, nappy wipes, a nappy, a cloth nappy, little nappy bags that always come out at the wrong time, 100 lip balms, 100 pens, (no paper though?), mints, panadol, tampons, buttons... I think I will stop - this is too embarrassing!

  11. Snotty tissues from last winter.

  12. Purse, phone, lipstick and all the usual grotty stuff but I also keep my Mum's old watch as a lovely memento so that I am carrying a bit of her around with me :)