Handmade Week at ASWC

It’s Handmade week over at And Sew We Craft.

Pop on over and have a look at my handmade contribution this week.

I love both receiving and giving handmade gifts. I think they’re much more personal if they’re made, with that person in mind.

Do you love receiving/giving handmade or do you prefer shop bought?


  1. Handmade gifts make all the difference. They are made with love and care and no money can ever buy those.

  2. love both but i appreciate it when some one has made me something.xx

  3. I love to make gifts but am very careful about who I give what to - some of my relatives have no idea of the time and expense that goes into handmade gifts.

    1. I agree Lynne! I recently gave a handmade lap quilt to a family member. They responded with 'It's a little small'. I had to bite my tongue not to respond to their comment

  4. I love making handmade thing and also receiving them! There is nothing like getting something that someone has made. You know that they took the time to think of you. dara.english@yahoo.com


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