Scrappy Zig Zags

It’s yellow week over at And Sew We Craft, so I set myself the challenge of using some of my scraps to make something new.

In the end, I made this zig zaggy potholder in yellow, grey and white. Love this colour combination, don’t you?

I decided on some half square triangles.

2” squares which I turned into HST’s - which were a little tricky - but super cute.

I arranged them in a zig zag design alternating the solid colour. Can I just say that if you ever go with this type of design, take a photo of the layout. I went back to my photo soooo many times.

Straight line stitching is my nemesis. But it was the only way to go with this project.

I attached my walking foot, and just did it. Nike style.

Black and white spot binding finish it off. I love black/white spotty binding.
I made a co-ordinating pot holder which I’ve blogged about over at And Sew We Craft today.

Yellow pot holders are so happy and definitely brighten up a kitchen space.

Potholders – have you ever made your own?
And more importantly, do you use them?

I’ve got a couple which I’ve made and use all the time, but I also have some which I’ve made, but can’t bear to actually use on dirty old pots or pans.


  1. Love the color combo, and the precision of your zigs and zags!

  2. PS Grew up in a potholder making family-- and we Did use them. I still do, though perhaps I ought ot shelve them for posterity.

  3. Love them - they are very cheerful! I haven't made any, but I do use pot holders! Saw a cute pair of owl pot holders this weekend that my s-n-l made for my m-n-l.

  4. Beautiful!!! I LOVE them! I have been interested in making my own, but as of yet, I have not. Can I ask... what did you use for insulation?

    You have inspired me to take the plunge and make my own :)

  5. I absolutely love these! I make pot holders all the time for gifts and want to make some of these! Especially since I just made a Xmas zigzag laptop quilt to give away. Won't giving potholders to match be darling! Thanks for the idea...on my way to sew up a few!

  6. LOvely potholders.. they are really pretty and happy.... yes, I have made potholders and I use them....

  7. They look great! Love the colour scheme...I need to get more gray! No I don't use them actually. Probably might when I move out =D

  8. Lovely and bright! I make and use potholders. They are the ideal way to try out a new block or idea!

  9. lovely Anorina,amazing what can be made out of scraps.xx

  10. I love your creations.keep it up :)
    shanika from France

  11. I've never made pot holders. I don't use them any more - I prefer oven mitts for all-round protection!


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