Pink Week at ASWC

It’s pink week at And Sew We

I made this bag, which is pink, for my pink loving ballerina.

It is going to be used for her Ballet bits and pieces.

It’s reversible – the inside is purple – which is lucky, since purple is her second most favourite colour.

What is your second most favourite colour?



  1. ohh how proud does she look with her new bag,so very cute.My second favourite colour is pale green.xx

  2. What a pretty bag!!! Perfect for ballet paraphernalia!! ... My second most favourite colour would have to be a sunflower yellow ... but then I can't decide between a lilac purple or rosy pink for my most favourite!!

  3. Green is my absolute favorite, as it says "summer" and "countryside" to me. But orange is a very close second - it says "vibrant" and "different" - two words that I like to think describe me as well. Lovely bag!

  4. Love the bag. - pink in our house too. Where is the pattern from?


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