My Top 5 for Mothers Day

It’s Mother’s Day and while I’m sitting and drinking my 2nd cup of coffee for the morning, I’m thinking about being a mum… and what I love most about it.

1. Cuddles – Those special cuddles which only your child can give - complete with sticky fingers, elbows or knees to cause some pain and the smear of snot over your clothes as a finale.

2. Pride – I made these kids. Well, Mr Man did have a little bit of input, but mostly, I made them. They’re awesome little people with fantastic personalities.

Sam is loyal and affectionate with the heart of a lion. He’s the man of the house when daddy is away for work and he takes his role seriously (well most of the time). Amelia loves to dance, so when anyone is feeling down, she’ll prance around in front of them with ballerina arms, to cheer them up.


Image from Pinterest


3. Joy – Just about every day, there is laughter in the house. Usually it comes from something silly they say or a crazy question they ask. Kids make life fun. And unexpected. And random. And they manage to make most of my schedules go out the window (though I’m not a schedule person, so this part is easy).

4. Handmade – cards and letters from my little man. My little girl loves painting so everyday I get pictures of rainbows and butterflies and flowers and pictures of me, with long long hair. I love them!

5. Future – I love to imagine what road my children will take. I envision Sam as a tradie. He’s a hands on boy and I can see him fixing or making things. Amelia is a little mother hen and super creative – I imagine her as a pre-school teacher.


As a special Mother’s Day treat, I was serenaded while eating breakfast this morning. Oh and entertained by the dance show too.


Mothers Day 1


Mothers Day 2



What are your favourite things about being a mum?


  1. Hi Anorina-
    Had to pop over to your blog to see what you were doing for Mothers Day!
    I think your talented Mothers Day Band of Entertainers are so cute!
    Lucky you!

    Have a great day-
    Bronwyn ...

  2. love it ,happy mother's day Anorina.xx

  3. Such a special Show by your children. Have a lovely Mother's Day

  4. Cuddles, ah-hah moments, and the pride in their achievements (or attempts).


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