My attempt at Zakka Style

For a while, I heard (well, read) a lot of this thing called Zakka.

I recently participated in a swap and one of my partners preferences was Zakka style. Seriously? What did that even mean?

So I googled. And this is what wikipedia tells me:

Zakka (from the Japanese 'zak-ka'(雑貨)or 'many things') is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. The term refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance. It is often based on household items from the West that are regarded as kitsch in their countries of origin, but it can also be Japanese goods, mainly from the fifties, sixties, and seventies.

Clear? As mud?

I’ve been enjoying looking through the book Zakka Style compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale.

Zakka Style

It has so many great projects. I love those fabric buckets up there up top and the zig zag bag (pictured above).

I made this Zakka Style quilted pot holder.

Front of the pot holder is made up with scraps from my stash. I love the Denyse Schmidt fabrics with the lime binding.

Here is the back of the pot holder – made of linen. How cute are the hand sleeves?

Now I have to admit, until last week, I had never used linen in a project. It was great to use and sews up very nicely, but to be honest, it isn’t readily available locally so I doubt I’ll go out of my way to source more.

I’ll happily stick with my cotton fabrics.

Do you use much linen in your projects?
Which projects have you made from the Zakka Style book?



  1. I only recently bought this book - it is gorgeous! My first project will be the pin cushion I think :) I don't use a lot of linen, but I do like linen cotton blend fabric like the ones by Echino and Kokka.

  2. Beautiful. Well Done. I have the book but I haven't tried anything from it yet. I love all the projects in it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous potholders.

  3. very nice Anorina.xx

  4. I haven't even seen the book - except on people's blogs! I once sewed a garment from linen but it crushed so badly I don't think I ever wore it!

  5. Very cute potholder! Your binding is perfect!

  6. I do not yet own this book, but let me tell you it is on my wish list!! I am still very new and have not yet tried linen!!

  7. I was inspired to use linen after watching a Rashida Coleman Hale tutorial, Snappy Coin Purse: I made myself one of those cute little coin purses and LOVE it! So I ordered some linen remnants and plan to make some more for gifts or gift card holders for the holidays. I love the texture of linen. Easy to sew. Not sew easy to iron or launder, though, so I would be reluctant to use it in garments.

  8. I haven't made any projects but I have been interested in getting the book because of the recent posts I've been seeing all over the place...haven't bought it yet though.

  9. That looks great! I've started on the sewing kit just waiting for the leather cord I ordered to arrive =D

  10. Have not used linen for crafty things Looks lovely made up. I agree the little hand holders at the back of your potholder are a good idea.


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