Mothers Day – A GOOD Gift

Blogging is an amazing thing. I am part of a wonderfully supportive and inspirational online community.

And sometimes I can use my online voice, to help spread the word about something good. About something which I support and which, I think, is worthwhile.

A couple of months ago, I posted about Good Return and International Women’s Day.


Good Return Logo


Good Return really struck a chord with me. We visited Vanuatu last year and I saw first hand how a small loan, would help these less fortunate women - immensely. Help them support their family and lift themselves out of poverty.

I had some amazing responses from readers who loved this initiative and took that step and helped another woman, living in poverty.

Good Return challenged Australians to fully fund 200 women living in poverty in the Asia Pacific. And with the help of bloggers and online media, they exceeded their target!! A total of 222 women were fully funded in March, which means the lives of more than 1,110 people were impacted, for the better.




With Mothers Day on the way, why not purchase for your mother (or ask your children to give to you), a gift which keeps on giving? Something really meaningful.

Good Return connects Australians to women in the Asia Pacific who need a small loan to start or expand a small business, grow their incomes, and lift themselves out of poverty. Good Return combines these small loans with education to empower women and create long term benefits for them and their families. Just one loan helps five people out of poverty!

Purchase a gift certificate at, and then give it to your mum. She logs on to the website and chooses another mum that she wants to support and redeems her voucher. To see what a difference her loan makes, your mum gets regular updates, and when the money is repaid, she can chose to have the money back or re-lend it and help even more women.

Gift certificates are available at and start at just $25.


I’ve bought one.

Will you buy one too?


  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention - it looks very interesting.

    1. No problem. I hope I am able to help a few women with this blog post :-)

  2. Beautiful idea!!

  3. Thanks again for the support! It makes us feel so warm and fuzzy when wonderful bloggers (and mums) like you say such nice words about us. Thank you!


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