Making Quilts… the promise of joy

I may or may not have just ordered this book from Material Obsession.

My dearest husband, if you’re reading this post, look away now. Thank you x

I’m a big fan of Kathy Doughty’s quilts and have both Material Obsession one and two in my quilt book collection… Or perhaps it is quickly becoming a quilt book library. Making Quilts… the promise of joy, is Kathy’s first solo book.

I was going to be good and not buy any more books… at least until we move to our newer bigger house, with more space… for more books…

I heard that it was coming soon, but didn’t realise it was available until I read Rachael’s post this evening. I blame you Miss Blue Mountain Daisy ;-)

I will be stalking my postman regularly - from now until it’s in my hot little hands.

I got these screen captures from the publisher website, Quiltmania. Doesn’t that quilt on the right look absolutely delicious??

Making Quilts Page Capture

Are there any quilt books that you want &/or need?

Do you have a quilt book collection, or is it more of a quilt book library?

Making Quilts Page Capture 2


  1. Oh wow! This one looks like it will be joining my LONG wish list, lol! Being on a tight budget, my library of quilting books is nothing in comparison to my wished library!! ... The next few I will be getting though ... when I can find some extra moolah ... will be "A Boy's Story", "A Gardner's Journal" & "A Christmas Story" (both by Hatched & Patched), & "Fairyland" & "Sweet Sentiments" (by Natalie Bird), and "Schnibbles Times Two" (by Carrie Nelson) ... Wow! What a long list!!! Lol!

  2. IM a Material Obsession fan too and have both books;of course I bought one too after reading Rachaels post!!!

  3. Wow, Thanks for putting my name up in lights!! You'll love the book, it's so full of inspiration. I wonder which quilt you'll be tempted to make first? I haven't made my mind up yet...they're all so wonderful.

  4. I love her quilts too... and am making one from Material Obsession (1) at the moment ... there are so many amazing patterns I would like to do... so little time to do them.... I blame blogland for all the inspiration... and that includes you!!!


  5. I have a small collection of quilting books, a slightly larger collection of crochet books and a much larger collection of knitting books - that's my crafting library!


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