How I made an iPad Case

Green week this week at And Sew We Craft meant that I delved into my fabric stash, looking for “just the right” fabric to make something green.

I did consider playing on the “green” idea and making something with being environmentally friendly in mind. Perhaps using linen and beige fabrics… but I have even less of those in my stash than I do green.

This green FQ popped out from my stash and I decided to go with it. I teamed it up with a pinky, rusty, creamy coloured FQ for the lining.

I decided to make an iPad case. I don’t actually have an iPad but my husband does – so I used his. He seems less than impressed with my final product.

Perhaps I’ll just give this case to my mother or sister.

To make this iPad cover, firstly measure the iPad and add about an inch or 2. It needs to be snug - just not too snug. I’m keeping my iPad in the protective rubber case, and this pretty one will go over.

Add some batting and quilt the outer fabric. I decided on some uneven straight lines. Trim.

Make the lining by sewing the 2 long sides and the bottom short side.
Place the outer fabric, right sides together and stitch along the 2 long sides and the short bottom side.

Clip the corners and turn it out.

Measure where the button needs to go and attach it.

Add a piece of elastic to the opposite top. I found this silvery elastic in my stash. Who knows where it came from but it’s perfect for this project.

Place outer case, into the lining fabric with right sides together. Make sure they’re a good fit.

Stitch all around leaving a gap of about 4” to turn it out. Make sure all of the corners are poked out nicely.

Turn the lining into the case and top stitch the top of the case.


A lovely new iPad case to keep your iPad nice and warm.

Do you have an iPad? 

Do you recommend getting one?

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  1. Very pretty! I've been thinking of making something like this for my tablet. I don't have an ipad, but a smaller tablet/ereader. It's a very cute idea :-)

  2. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from TipJunkie

  3. I was lucky enough to get an ipad for Mothers Day. I had been quite happily using the family laptop - but i LOVE the ipad, especially now that I've worked out how to blog from it. I use it mostly for blogging and email. What a fun gadget - but beware, it's addictive.

  4. very nice Anorina,thankyou for sharing.xx

  5. Husbands can be fussy, not sure what his problem was, doesn't he like pink roses?! It looks great, well done!

  6. That's so cute! I know my Mother really wanted one, but I get the feeling like her IPod she won't hardly use it! =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  7. I think I want one so I don't have to sit in my cold sewing room (except in the morning when the sun shines in - like right now) to use my desktop computer. Or maybe I should just buy a small notebook?

  8. This is darling! I just got a tablet for Mother's Day, and I still have lots to learn about using it, but I am enjoying it!

  9. Cute cover! Thanks for sharing. I have an original iPad and have had it now for 21 months. I use it every single day. It's just like a mini computer. I read my blogs in bed at night on it and all of my books are on it. I take it in our RV when we travel. It's a great GPS! It's handy in the kitchen because it doesn't take up a lot of room on the counter top if I need to look something up while cooking and I have some of my recipes on it. In case you can't tell.....I luv luv luv mine! :)

  10. Very nice. And yes, wholeheartedly I recommend the iPad - it is fantastic!! Especially nice for reading PDFs like this as your sewing. You don't need to print out the directions or keep returning to the computer to see them.


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