Hitting The Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show – an annual event showcasing Australian culture and heritage.

Sydney Easter Show

It brings together the country and city. It recognises the finest achievements in agriculture, rural industries and lifestyles.

Oh, and it has a squillion rides, showbags, carnival games and strange food on sticks.

I got an email last week asking if I’d be interested in taking my family along to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney courtesy of the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

Why, yes I would. Thank you very much.

It has been at least 15 years years since I last had been to the Sydney Easter Show. I’ve previously posted about our local shows, but this one is the amped up version. It’s the local show on steroids. Seriously – it’s huge!

We were met at the gate by the Samsung representative, allowed into the gates and then stood for a few minutes, planning our attack. It’s a massive place with so much going on. Senses are overwhelmed by the noise, the smells (both good and not) and the heat. It’s all part of the experience.

We’d walked into the “big kid” rides section, but though he’s six and barely over the 130cm height minimum, this didn’t stop Sam demanding a ride (or 7).

Mr Man bought a heap of ride coupons and the day began.


Sam Easter Show 1


It’s all smiles and waves to start with… but not so much afterwards. Note the look of terror in photo number 3.




Rides out of the system, we moved onto food.

Very nutritious… not so much.

Fast – yes.




We moved undercover and into my favourite parts next. The Arts and Crafts Pavillion and the Home, Lifestyle & Garden Pavillion.

I took a lot of pretty pictures of the handmade winners (which I’ll have in a separate blog post later in the week).

This was the winning quilt by Judith Day. I’ve since found out it’s a pattern called Lollypop Trees by Kim McLean.




I think maybe due to this Easter Show beauty, the pattern has had a spike in sales as it’s showing up as “sold out” in online stores. Hopefully Material Obsession restocks it again soon.




Pretty tea cosies and this funky cushion.




Amazing glass work.




We popped over to the Samsung Galaxy Note stand, which was extremely popular. There were 2 artists up on the stage drawing caricatures on their Note and a long queue of people waiting to have their turn.


Galaxy Note 1


I did jostle and elbow to get a picture to try to show you how fantastic it is.

Do you play Draw Something? How fantastic would this be to play on?!?!

Now if only I could draw as well as these guys…


Galaxy Note 2


The huge interactive screens were popular with the kids (and adults).

Angry Birds, anyone?


Galaxy Note 3


The kids attention spans had waned drastically by this point and we headed out to the show bag pavillion.

We did the whole big loop and ended up back at the first stand. *Le Sigh*

Sam chose a Ninja bag and Amelia decided on a Smurf bag.

Wood-chopping offered seats and after walking around for hours, we sat and watched men in white pants, chop big blocks of wood as fast as they could.


Wood Chopping 1


If anyone knows why they wear white pants, I’d love to know.


Wood Chopping 3


Here is the eventual winner – he chopped his 2 blocks the fastest. You’re welcome!

A few more rides in the tea cups and roller coaster and our day was done.




Thank you for a fabulous day Samsung.

Be sure to have a look at the new Galaxy Note HERE.

It’s light and slim but with a 5.3” screen, it’s a phone and a tablet all in one.


  1. Wow, looks like you had a great day! Bet the kids felt spoilt. I haven't managed to make it to the show for a long time, perhaps next year. The galaxy note looks good, not sure my drawing would be up to scratch.

  2. What a big day out for you and the children, looks like a lot of fun had! Love the quilt and the glass designed guitar!!! Great post and pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a great day out. Did you happen to see "The Animals of Oz" Australian Wildlife Display? Lee the owner of the business is part of my local business group. She puts on the greatest displays.

  4. Yay!! The Show is soo much fun!!! I love the big fruit displays with the giant pumpkins, and I have to see the flowers, oh and the dogs, and the wood choppers ( I've wondered about the white pants... ?) and I love the people walking around with giant bunches of ballooons and big furry dice. Looks like you guys all had a fantastic day!!

  5. Fun day! Oh, the 'corn dogs' look great LOL (I think we had a conversation about that once before! I forget you call them 'dagwood dogs'?? LOL)


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