Spring Fair 2012

Tonight is the first meeting, for the organising committee, for my sons schools Spring Fair 2012. Wow - that was a tongue twister!

I’m the craft stall co-coordinator. Somehow, last year I was unknowingly roped into doing it. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.
This year, Spring Fair will be held in on the second Saturday in September which means that it’s time to start sewing – now.
What I’m looking for is ideas – from you my dear, creative, imaginative readers.
I’m going to try and get some volunteers together – some with little or no sewing experience. Do you have any suggestions as to what they can make?
I’m contemplating making some of THESE friendship bracelets which I found on the Purl Bee website.

(Photo Courtesy of purlbee.com)

They were the “in” thing when I was at school back in the 80’s and they seem to be making a resurgence.

What do you like to buy from the craft stalls at school fetes or fairs?
What do the kids like to buy from craft stalls?


  1. I personally wouldn't because they're not my thing, but heaps of tweens and teens would. I recon at least.

  2. Hi
    I'm in the same boat but ours isn't until the end of october. I am on the hunt too so maybe we could swap some ideas. At school we have a friday coffee group and are currently making beaded stuff for our jewerly stall. One of the mums brings all the stuff shows the non crafty Mums what to do and then we chat, eat and drink coffee. It runs for 2 hours at the school. You may be able to start something like this. Anyway I will swap some Ideas with you. Be in email contact...
    Cheers Geniene

  3. If they have a little sewing experience, make tote bags, or pincushions. If they have no sewing knowledge, make post cards. Anybody can stamp, or cut out things to make three-d cards. Hope this helps too.

  4. I make heaps of stuff for CWA stalls. We have so many requests for things we thought no one would want any more. Number one seller for the last year or so has been tea cosies! Last time we had had a lot asking for hot water bottle covers. Baby items always sell well, especially knitted bootees and matinee jackets. Crocheted/fabric topped hand towels and plastic bag holders do well for us too. Aprons, more so since the cooking shows have started on TV. We sell a lot of kids' aprons. With some we add a wooden spoon in the pocket or make chef's hat to go with it. For a few years we had requests for tissue box covers...the old cottage craft cardboard and lace ones!! We did NOT make any :)

  5. We make at least 80 of those hanging kitchen towels with crochet, knitted or fabric tops. They all sell quickly. Another big seller are table runners and Christmas runners.

  6. I am sure the friendship bracelets will be a big hit.
    Fabric hair bows, covered button magnets, and crayon/art roll-ups might be ideas for kids. Pretty pencil pouches would be another options--but zippers might be a bit scary for beginners.

  7. These are great and you can make them into bracelets or into keychains. Hope your fair goes well.

  8. What about fabric covered journals? A little mod podge, some scraps, and some dollar composition notebooks... =) And you can do a ribbon bookmark with some pretty beads on the end tucked into the fabric!

  9. Fabric journals, lanyards or tie dyed shoe laces. Tissue holders, hats. In the jewelry relm, any thing with hemp and beads. Good luck.


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