Spotlight – Please STOP having sales!!

Why, oh why has Spotlight been having such fantastic sales?

You know I can’t resist a bargain.

I’m slightly obsessed with solids lately, so I bought some more for my stash.


I really need to get some golden yellow solid fabric. I only have a tiny bit left in my stash and my local Spotlight didn’t have any in stock. I prefer the bright yellow rather than light baby lemon yellow.

These premium Flat Fats were on sale over the weekend at only $1 each, so I bought… a few…


Yes, that is a hot pink leopard print you see on the end.

This big quilting hoop was calling my name PLUS it was reduced to only $9.

Spotlight 1

I also bought some fabric from the $4 table. With the 30% reduction, it was only $2.80 per metre.

Spotlight 2

I’m loving this red with large flowers. It will make a great outer border or fantastic backing.

OMG – only $2.80 per metre.

Why didn’t I buy more??


  1. Some great buys.Unfortunately wrong timing for me .I so wanted to go but was committed to another job.

  2. Lucky girl. I went to their last sale and had so much fun. The budget is a mess so no shopping for me this time. :-(

  3. I like that pooch print so much!

  4. wish i had been there i would have bough a whole lot too

  5. I can just see you approaching the counter with your trolley full of these gorgeous fabrics, & the dismay of the person behind you in the queue! They are all beautiful! Fabric is definitely my weakness too...

  6. Hey, I just got my name game mini quilt today, I love it and emailed the sender already, will post later about it :-) thanks for hosting it

  7. I so miss being just down the road from a Spotty's store, and none of my friends who can still get to one easily ever thinks to grab me fabric and sending me the bill! Great scores there chicky...jealous much? You Betcha!


  8. I'm regularly in Spotlight but lately I've found that there catalogue makes it sound more enticing than it really is!


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