How do you use your bits?

I like to try to use up all of my bits of favourite fabrics.

I opened a charm pack on Hoopla and used only about half of it for my DQS12 mini quilt, and didn’t want to put away the rest of it… and forget about it… or lose it in my scrap tub… so…

I made this huge floor cushion…. with the non-scraps and some white Kona cotton.

Well, it may not look huge in this picture… but…


When my 4 year old lays on it, you can see its actual size.


For the cushion top, I used the same basic pattern from my Step In Time quilt.

I then added a layer of batting and quilted it in a meandering pattern. This will be the part the kids will sit on, so I wanted it to be sturdy.

To fill it, I pulled out the poly-fill from 2 old pillows (which were ready to be turfed). 2 pillows – that’s a lot of stuffing.


Amelia loves it… and has claimed it as her own.

This means I need to make one for Sam, or listen to them arguing over who gets to sit on it.

How do you use up your fabric non-scraps?

I've made it into the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers 2012.

If you can spare a few minutes please vote for Samelia's Mum and help me get to BlogHer in NYC.


  1. Beatiful!!!!! Beatiful!!!
    Hugs Maria Filomena

  2. too cute, wondered about the stuffing...

  3. Wow looks great. Like a beanbag almost! I use mine for pillows or small quilts =D

  4. I voted for you Anorina! And thanks to you I'm now in the draw to WIN the $5000 voting prize too! I keep vowing to do a scrap quilt, but as I was given a lot of old fabric (and seem to continue to receive it) I have not only my own scraps (which would be of something I once had a crush on) but scraps of things that are other peoples' taste. So I feel like a scrap quilt would be an obligation & never get around to it!
    Wow I only just realised that Step in time quilt design was yours! I have that mag and now I can't find it argh! I want to check it out, maybe I will de-stash and make a step in time quilt.... I'll keep you posted!

  5. I've just voted and am also in the running for a prize! that was a very pleasant surprise right at the end!

  6. I love this cushion so have just bought some Momo fabric from you to make it in!! Love it! (have also voted for you - Good luck!) Hope you get to NYC!

  7. Just voted for you. Hope you win :)
    Penny S

  8. Gorgeous cushion, no wonder Amelia has claimed it. What a cutie-pie she is.

  9. Love the cushion and your cute, cute daughter! I'm collecting 2" squares for a someday quilt, and I also plan to use some of my scraps and non-scraps for doll quilts and charity baby quilts.

  10. Wow! Loving the cushion!!! What a great way to use up scraps of fabric too big to cut into multiple 2in squares, but too big for 5in charms!! I can see why Amelia has claimed it!!!

  11. what a pretty cushion. as im fairly new to quilting im still building my stash really slowly
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  12. What a fabulous cushion. I use my scraps mainly for applique now but am saving bits for a scrappy quilt too :)


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