My Creative Space – DQS12 Edition

I’m participating in DQS12 this time around.

For those of you who have no idea what I just said, I’ll translate.

Flickr is the awesomely inspirational place where we quilters and crafters like to post photos of our work.

Flickr is also a place where we can make new quilty and crafty friends from around the world – one way to do this is by participating in swaps. You know me. I’m a sucker for a swap.

DQS12 = Doll Quilt Swap (Round 12). It is also a secret swap which means we can get to stalk our partner without their knowledge. Super dooper fun!

Pop on over to the Doll Quilt Swap group for some serious and I mean SERIOUS eye-candy.

Well this round, we have some rules we have to stick with.

The blocks to choose from are as follows:

1.churn dash/shoofly
2.log cabin
3.drunkards path
4. N.Y. beauty
5.flying geese

… also will be required to include a solid of your choosing in any colour OTHER THAN WHITE - or variations of white such as cream, off white etc.
SIZE: from 9"x9" to 20"x20"…any size or shape in between.
MATERIALS: natural fibres/cotton, wool, linen
CONSTRUCTION: Pieced, appliquéd, quilted by hand or machine; and bound.

So me, being me, I thought I’d challenge myself and try the drunkards path block. A block I’d never tried before. A technique I’d never tried before. Life is about challenges, right?

I’m pleased that I’ve tried it and even managed to produce some decent curves (without a curved sewing machine foot). Not sure if I’ll play with this type of block in future. It seems to be very time intensive for the result… or perhaps I’m just slow at it.

So anyways, here is my work in progress…

DQS12 - Drunkards Path

The solids are Kona cotton. Notice the spotty fabrics? One is black with white spot and the other is white with black spot.

I’m not sure if my partner will like this. Her basic info told me that she likes bright happy colours.

This is certainly is bright.

I’m thinking perhaps a black sashing, or flying geese sashing (though it could look too busy).

What do you suggest?
How would you finish off this mini quilt?


  1. This is fantastic and very striking. I think your curves look great and I love the reverse spots.

    Do you have to sash it, it is really striking like that. Could you just add a small black border, some more spots and then bind in colourful scrappy binding or like a checkerboard solids border with spotting binding?

    Whatever you do it will be really striking.

  2. Very cool! I'm so impressed with your curves :)

  3. Your curves look great. I would sash in black and then bind in a black and white stripe ! Looking forward to seeing what you do

  4. These did turn out great. Good for you. Curves am me do not get along at all!

  5. I'd do a double sashing in one of the solid colours, 1/2" finished, then a 1.5" finished in one of the other solid colours (or whatever you need to make it the required size). Binding I'd have to audition what I liked best before deciding. One of the B&W prints might work well, tho you might lose the "calming" effect I'm going for by suggesting solid borders.

    I really like what you did with this piece. The two different B&W prints add a lot of interest.


  6. Stunning fabric choices! Excellent work! Not certain I would do anything other than bind it. Probably would use black. Flying geese would detract from wonderful block you already have. I think that whatever you do needs to be simple.

  7. It certainly is bright and happy.

    BTW, I am reading through all your posts from 1 March now that I have a faster internet connection - want to make sure I didn't miss anything!


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