Valentines Day

Its February 14, which means its the day we're supposed to demonstrate our love by buying greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and sparkly jewellery.

With Samelia's Dad, away at work until tomorrow night, the kids and I will have a romantic afternoon tea instead.

Little Miss and I made chocolate heart shaped cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day at our house.

Bowl licking is ofcourse the best part.

They're ready and have been dusted with icing sugar. Now we just have to wait to eat them after we pick up little man from school... oh and after we have little miss' ballet lesson.

How have you celebrated this most romantic of days?


  1. Very cute and they look yummy!

  2. DD, SIL and the Grandboys came for dinner followed by a treat of chocolate Vienetta ice cream!

  3. My Honeyman is on his 24 hour shift at the firestation :( Happy Valentines day to you!! :)


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