Scrappy Flora {Easy Quilt Tutorial}

My newest quilt is finished. I’ve decided to call it Scrappy Flora. I’ve used the Flora range of fabric, plus a few extras from my stash.

I absolutely adore this range of fabric by Lauren & Jessi Jung and still have a few charm packs available in my store HERE.


Beck's Quilt 3


Scrappy Flora is quick. Super easy. Perfect for a beginner. Make it in a weekend.



64 x 5” squares (I used a couple of charm packs – there are some charms left over which can be made a matching cushion).

4 x 1/2 yard (approx) of co-ordinating fabrics – I used green spots (1st fabric), white with orange spots (2nd fabric), orange tulip (3rd fabric), blue dotted stripes (4th fabric).

Backing fabric – or piece a backing

12.5” stripe fabric for the binding.



Cut into strips 2.5” x WOF.

1st fabric – cross cut into 16 strips measuring 2.5” wide by 9.5” long

2nd fabric – cross cut into 16 strips measuring 2.5” wide by 11.5” long.

3rd fabric – cross cut into 16 strips measuring 2.5” wide by 11.5” long.

4th fabric – cross cut into 16 strips measuring 2.5” wide by 13.5”

Binding Fabric - cross cut into 2.5” x WOF.



Strip piece the 5” squares into pairs.

Attach to the paired squares into blocks of 4 squares. The block will now measure 9.5” square.

Attach your 1st fabric (9.5”) to one side of the block. Press.

Attach your 2nd fabric (11.5”) to the next side of the block. Press.

Attach the 3rd fabric (11.5”) to the next side of the block. Press.

Attach the 4th fabric (13.5”) to the remaining side of the block. Press

The block should now look like this. Sorry, I didn’t get a progress shot, but cut out this block from the completed quilt image. It shows what your completed block should look like.




How are you going? Is it all making sense so far? I hope so :-)

Now it’s the fun part. Putting it all together. Yay!

Arrange the blocks into rows of 4 on your design space – rotate the blocks randomly – but ensure that no sides with the same fabric are adjoining.

Once you’re pleased with the layout, join your blocks into rows of 4. Then attach your 4 rows into the square quilt top.



Sandwich the 3 layers of the quilt – quilt top, batting and backing.

Baste and quilt it however you like. I decided on a meandering loopy all-over design. I contemplated hand quilting, but knew it would have taken way longer to finish, than was my intention for this quilt.


Beck's Quilt


Attach the binding. I decided on this gorgeous stripe fabric. I can’t resist a stripey binding. I won’t give you instructions on how to bind. There are already so many out there on the web and they have explained it much better than I can.

The finished Scrappy Flora quilt measures 52” square.


Beck's Quilt 4


I hope you enjoyed making Scrappy Flora as much as I did.

It’s such a fun and fast quilt. Perfect for a beginner. It also makes a wonderful last minute gift.

If you use this tutorial, please feel free to add your photos to the Samelia’s Mum Flickr pool. I'd love to see your creations :-)


  1. very nice.xx

  2. Thanks for that tut. I have a couple of charm packs and fabric in my stash that will suit this pattern. I will have to go and have a play.

  3. Great tutorial!! Thank you!

  4. I love this simple yet fun quilt. I have a few charm packs that will work perfectly. Thanks for the tutorial.
    A follower in Dallas, TX!

  5. Thanks so much for this fun tutorial. Plenty of charm packs in my stash for this quilt. Love yours!

  6. Beautiful quilt and one I think maybe I can even handle. Thank you.

  7. Such a cute quilt.Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. it doesn't sound so easy to me. i have never quilted before. what does wof mean? sorry..

    1. WOF is for "width of fabric". Typical fabrics are in the 45 inch range but they vary. Quilting is so much fun but be very generous with yourself to start with. My first attempts were small and they're still on my floor under my pet food dishes or are potholders and trivets. Practice has made me better but those first ones where nothing that seemed to match up exactly still make me smile! Suggestion. Watch several YouTube videos of quilting. There are a ton of them and you can see how it all comes together.

    2. Great idea I had was to use my walking foot to match up seams of squares, made it so much easier, I just put a strip of tape where the 1/4" line was and followed that. Other machines you can move the needle!

  9. Looks cute. May have to try this one when I am done with my WIP's.

  10. I am looking for patterns using charm packs and also for a quilt for my 7 year old granddaughter. This is perfect for both. Thank you!

    1. Try Missouri Quilt company, great videos and ideas and use a lot of charm packs in different sizes

  11. Adorable quilt...I wonder if there would be enough fabric (strips) in a jelly roll to do this quilt...I'll have to do the math to figure it out...thanks for sharing!!!

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  13. Can you do the actual quilting part ( the meandering loopies :) ) with a regular machine? Or any kind of quilting design? (maybejust straight lines...) Thanks!

    1. Yep, you can meander to your hearts content, I started with newspaper and a thick pencil and meandered like mad as you cant cross lines, and learned the cheap way before attempting on my machine, but it worked, I can now meander over anything,

  14. I recently found your website and I enjoy it very much. I donate most of my quilts to a Childrens Hospital here in Oklahoma City. Your quilts look like they would be quick and easy and I can step up the number of quilts I am able to give to them. Thank you for going to the trouble to post these ideas and share with the rest of us..

  15. It is kind of you to share your quilt pattern with us. Thank you very much. I will be making one after I think about the fabrics and colors to use.

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, and I made the most beautiful duvet cover using it! Thank you so much! I'll try to post a pic! It's AWESOME!


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