Show Time!!

We love going to the show. By show, I mean the country show (or country fair as it is known in some parts).

We get to see farm animals, up close and personal (and get a whiff of their poo... in real life).

Wood chopping and camel racing (seriously).

Rides for the kids (and for the kids at heart).

Crazy races (lawnmower racing IS a sport) and general entertainment in the main arena.

Showbags and a lot of stalls with yummy food to eat.

Side show alley with games... win a stuffed toy.

Plus all of the entries in the pavilion like cakes, flowers, crafts, wood turning, photography etc...

We went to the Albion Park Show yesterday afternoon / evening. It's at a neighbouring town. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next show (our local) which is on next weekend. I'm even contemplating entering something in the craft or quilt exhibition.

Here are a few happy snaps of our show experience.

Catch a duck and win a prize

I even found a little bit of Bronwyn Hayes at the show

Ride the kiddy sized roller coaster. You can't see it very well, but Amelia is petrified!

Pop a ball into the clowns mouth and win a prize

A gorgeous hexagon quilt. This photo doesn't do it justice.

I think I'm in love with Dahlia's. These colours are AMAZING!

Enjoy a Dagwood Dog with sauce... which is... a hot dog dipped in batter, then fried until the batter is crispy and golden. Very unhealthy, but very delicious.

Demolition Derby (which my daugher loves) and then finish off the night with fireworks.


Do you go to the show? 
What is your favourite part?


  1. I love country shows. I particulary love campdrafting and wood chopping - quintessential Australian country activities!

  2. haha I love hearing what differnt people call the same thing! in USA those dagwood Dogs are Corn Dogs! hehe! I love it!!

  3. I go to the county fair every single year! One of my daughters raises and shows pigs, so of course I go and watch her parading them around the arena. The Ferris Wheel is the only ride I will go on. The other ones are all too sick-inducing!

  4. I do enjoy going to shows but don't try and get me on any of the rides. You can usually find me in the craft pavilion checking out all the stuff that people have made and checking up on how my entries have scored (I only put in 2 items last year and managed a second place with one of them). I would definitely encourage any crafty person to enter their items.

  5. What a fun outing! Loved the photos. Going to the South Dakota State Fair (similar to a show) was the highlight of my summer, growing up as a farm kid who was active in 4-H.

  6. funny pictures, so cute kids and lovely Dahlias!


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