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With Australia Day fast approaching (26 January 2012), most Australian’s like to celebrate the day with a BBQ and a few drinks with friends and family.


Every Australia Day, Sam Kekovich (a former Australian Rules football player and sports commentator) stars in a satirical advertisement to promote the lamb industry in Australia.


This year’s Australia Day advertisement has become a favourite in our house. My kids love this song and love to sing along (because it’s so catchy). I remember dancing to this song when I was much, MUCH younger too.




Happy Australia Day!!


Do you ‘Love it’ or ‘Loathe it’?


  1. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I hope to see it many times on Thursday. (must forward it to the son in England)

    1. It’s a crack-up, isn’t it?!?!
      My kids love it and I know that as soon as I play it once, we’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.

  2. LOL.. I enjoyed it. It brought back some old memories.

  3. way to funny! thanks for sharing!!

  4. you just have to love Sam'
    s ad's........we don't get them here as they assume country people would be eating lamb...........but we will be having lamb for sure.......

  5. I love it! It's one of those things that I put in the category of it's "so bad, it's good"! It's hilarious - good that we can have a laugh at ourselves too.


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