A visit with Santa

This year, we almost didn’t have a Santa photo. Almost.

The kids got dressed up, we went down to a local shopping centre to get into the queue to visit with Santa and take the customary photo on the big man’s knee.

The queue was surprisingly short. That had to be a great sign, right?

When it was our turn the “bell ringing girl” approached us - you know the one I mean, don’t you? She’s the girl who stands behind the photographer and rings the bell in the hope of getting the kids to smile.

She came over with her price chart and asked what package I wanted to purchase. I asked how much for 1 photo (I figured I’d just scan it – as you do). When she told me that 1 photo was $19.95, my draw dropped. No wonder the queue was non-existent.

Much to the kids horror, we turned away and went in search of another Santa. To most city people, $20 wouldn’t be that much for a Santa picture, but considering we live in a Regional area, and it was just a shopping centre Santa, not one of the more glamorous department store Santa’s (ie David Jones or Myer), the pricing was a little steep.

In the end, we got our Santa photo  -at Harvey Norman. For the non-Aussies, Harvey Norman is an computer/electrics/furniture chain.

For $10 we came away with a big 6” x 6” photo PLUS 6 x 6” x 4” photos PLUS 5 pack greeting cards (the ones where you can insert the photos) PLUS 2 calendars.

Pretty good value if you ask me…

Okay, I’ve had my little rant, so now I can show you our Santa photo for 2011.


Santa Photo 2011


Santa with my 2 smiling children (yes it is the first year we haven’t had tears in the photo – or the need for me to join them in the picture). My babies are growing up! I wonder how much longer they’ll sit for the Santa photo.

At what age did you children stop letting you drag them to the store, to take a picture with Santa?


  1. what a magical pic ,lovely Anorina

  2. They look great Anorina! Definitely worth $10 for that pack ... I completely agree that $20 is way too steep, especially if it was only for one pic!!!

  3. Anthea, West AustraliaDecember 17, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    What a beautiful pic of your darlings! The last Santa pic we had was when my youngest was 7½. These days my nephew is a Santa at our family gathering - & he's free!! Merry Christmas

  4. Not a custom in this part of the world (till now!). This photograph is magical.

  5. $20...I would be outraged as well. Glad you found a more generous Santa. Pic as lovely

  6. I am so pleased ou shopped around. And definitely worth it for the lovely photo you ended up with!

  7. CUTE!

    We are in a major metro area and it's been about 2 years since we'd been to see Santa. Imagine my surprise when all the area malls had the same pic deal - 2- 5x7 photos for $21.95! Uggh! Would love to have a a single 4x6, but no! - 2 big photos, one left over for the grandmas to want - think I will give to great-grandma.

  8. Great photo. Love the shirt.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Great picture. Glad to see you found a Santa that wasn't so pricey. There are a few Malls here where if you bring canned goods you get a free picture.

  10. Lovely photo and he looks a classy santa as well. Pleased that you shopped around. Stores seem to be getting greedy these days

  11. Agree - $20 is outrageous!
    glad you found somewhere else to go ;-)

  12. I love your son's shirt and you were smart to find a better deal. Your children are too cute!

  13. We had one Christmas when DD said she wouldn't do it but then was in the shopping centre with visiting grandparents and was given no choice! The following year, there was no photo! And that was it!


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