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The pre school teacher gifts are complete.

I enjoyed making these little guys so much that I just had to make them in all sorts of colour combinations… which then gave me the idea of a name for them… the Owl All-sorts

Owl Mug Mats

Let me introduce you to the girls.

Citrus Celeste


Citrus Owl


Purple Penny


Purple Owl


Yellow Yolanda


Yellow Owl


And ofcourse Pinky, who you met a few days ago.


Pink Owl


Now all that needs to happen is for them to be packaged up in cellophane with a mug full of chocolates.


  1. So adorable. I made mug rugs for teachers as well! Love the owls!

  2. To cute! I think I might be a teacher.....smile.

  3. what a gorgeous idea

  4. They are just gorgeous! I almost wish I was a pre-school teacher somewhere on the "south-of-Sydney coast"!

  5. They are all delightful.
    Love all the different colours.

  6. Lucky teachers! Very lucky!
    They are adorable!

  7. ohhhh a MUG rug!! You know I was thinking of giving my kids owl pot holders that I make, but if I make a MUG rug, hmmmm I don't know, I heard teachers have ENOUGH mugs, but I also got them a gift card, so if I make a little one for each, that WOULD be cute :-) how big are yours? I think my "pot holders" are 7" or so.... that would cut everything in half if I make just ONE for each instead of a pair TADA!! thanks for the idea. I just LOVE owls, they are a HOOT!

  8. These are adorable! You have inspired me to quilt something for our teachers for the end of the school year. Thankfully, I've got 6 more months to come up with something.

  9. Adorable. The teachers will be tickled pink.

  10. Huge Owl Fan!! Wish I were one of our children's teachers! Adorable or coasters!

  11. Do you have a tutorial for these? They are so cute!


  12. These are so freaking cute! I love Owls! Tutorial please!



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