Random & Blue

I started with this little pile of blue & cream fabrics.


Random & Blue 1


I made up a simple 9.5” block starting with a 5” square, bordered with 2.5” strips. I made 42 of these blocks – 6 across and 7 down with a 2.5” sashing in cream fabric and then finished with a 5” of dark blue outer border. The blocks are arranged randomly.

Here is the picture of the quilt top on the floor – a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.


Random & Blue 2


I tried to pin baste this quilt on the floor… which was never going to be easy.

In the end, my little helper and I cleaned off the kitchen table and extended it. Pinning was much easier this way.


pin basting quilt 2


I quilted this in an afternoon, with a large meandering design. Geez it was heavy and my shoulders are still sore, but I’m pleased it was finished.


Machine Quilting


I machine bound it the next morning. And it was done. All finished and looking very random and very blue. It is a king single / double bed size quilt… as requested.


Random & Blue


Here it is on top of a queen sized bed. A few more inches on either size and it’s a queen size quilt.


Random & Blue 3


I’ve never made a queen sized quilt before. I will. One day. But not a blue one. I’m not a fan of a lot of blue.


What are your favourite quilt colour combinations?


  1. I don't know I keep finding different things I like. Was into brights, but am working on a nine patch in blues and browns at the moment.

  2. I LOVE blues too! blue and white is so nice.... I like all bright colors

  3. I like these blues. Very restful.

  4. lovely quilt! I am a fan of blues and browns :)

  5. Très jolie composition de bleus... j'adore le bleu... enfin j'aime aussi les autres couleurs

  6. I love the blue fabrics you chose. My current quilt project is an English paper pieced quilt with 1800s reproduction fabrics. But I think I'll move to a more tranquil aqua/turquoise palette once that's finished. I need to make a graduation quilt for my oldest granddaughter. (I have another 17 months, but I need to get started as there are MANY appliqued leaves.) I also want to make a Chinese Coins quilt using aqua, yellow and cream.

  7. Very nice. Are you doing custom quilts now?

  8. Wow! That looks fabulous. I need to attempt a large quilt but I am worried about fitting in in my machine


  9. The quilt is gorgeous.

    The leader of the quilting group to which I belong uses the trestle tables for basting: first she uses big bull dog clips to get the layers taut then pins away without any back-breaking crawling around on the floor. I'm seriously thinking of buying a folding trestle table from Bunnings!

  10. Oh lovely! Looks gorgeous! And I bet your shoulders are sore, lol! Mine get sore from just general sewing too long, let alone wielding that thing around.


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