It’s an Owlish good time

Christmas time approaching, marks the end of the school year here in Australia. The kids are exhausted and the parents are looking forward to slowing down in the mornings, and then sitting back and enjoying the long summer.

With the end of the school year, it means it’s time for teacher gifts. You may remember an earlier post, with the gift I made for my son’s teacher. If you’d like to see, click THIS LINK.

Well, this week I’ve been busy making little gifts for my daughter’s pre-school (or prep – depending where you live) teachers.

Little miss and I decided on an “Owl” theme this year.

We bought some gorgeous Owl mugs and I’m making little applique mug rugs for her teachers/carers. She has 5 or 6 of them (teachers), so I’m envisioning a lot of appliqueing during the weekend.

Meet “Pinky”.


Pink Owl Mug Rug 3

Cute isn’t she?

Pink Owl Mug Rug 2


Pinky is my favourite... so far…


Pink Owl Mug Rug


And how cute is the mug? I love these surprise finds.

Pinky measures approximately 6.5” square and is fused onto the background and then raw edge appliqued in black cotton.

I attempted some “cloudy” quilting, which in the end didn’t really look like clouds, but gave a great effect with the cloud fabric.


Now, it’s time to meet “Purple Pie”.


Purple Owl Mug Rug 1


Yes, “Purple Pie” is an odd name, but when you ask a 4 year old, you never know what you’re going to get. Let’s just call her PP for short.


Purple Owl Mug Rug 3


PP is a little bit larger and measures approximately 8” square.


Purple Owl Mug Rug 2


I appliqued PP the same way as Pinky but tried to match the threads with the fabric. I’m pleased with my appliqueing (is this a word?) and how close I was able to get to the edges without going over onto the background fabric.

If anyone is interested, I might do a tutorial on one of these mug rugs… when I get them all finished that is... Leave me a comment and let me know.

And now, it’s back to the sewing machine for me.

What sorts of handmade gifts do you give your children’s teachers?



If you’re interested in joining the “blog name” wall hanging / mini quilt swap, please join the Flickr group I started.

Does anyone know how to make buttons? Need a button for the group and when it comes to techy things, I’m pretty illiterate. Thanks.


  1. I'd love the tutorial - I think they're both great!

    Since my one-and-only DD is married with kids, I don't have to think about teachers' presents!

  2. I'd love a tutorial as I love owls.
    I found this but haven't tried it yet as I need quiet time to try these things.
    I bookmarked this one as I could understand what the person was talking about and followed the "make a button" link and I think I could do this. I'm really untechie so that should be a good review on it! If I think I can do it you'll probably find it a breeze.

  3. Lucky teachers - so owly beautiful. Tell me what you would like for a button and I will whip one up in Illustrator / PhotoShop

  4. These are gorgeous mug rugs. I love the mugs too and the way you have matched the mats. Great gifts and lucky teachers.
    Yes, a tutorial would be great.

  5. What adorable teacher gifts. I'm sure they'll all love them! Those owls are too precious!

  6. I love Purple Pie!

    I don't remember ever giving my teachers gifts (except maybe a bunch of flowers), is this a new trend? Will I have to worry about making gifts for my daughter's teachers? Maybe I should start now so I don't have to rush every year at Christmas LOL (she is only one)

  7. What a sweet owl. I usually make Christmas decorations, but alas, this year I haven't made a thing. Tomorrow is my daughter's last day of school and it looks like I will be baking something instead. Jacinta

  8. Ooooh yes please Anorina, would LOVE LOVE LOVE a tutorial on these. Love the owl mugs you to share where from please? Hooty Hugs Naomi

  9. Hi, I love owls. These are so cute, please share your tutorial on these mug rugs and let me join in? Thanks, Helen


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