Introducing… And So We Craft

I was recently asked if I would be interested in joining some lovely crafty ladies in contributing to the new blog “And So We Craft”.

Of course, I said yes. I’ve been a fan of their work and individual blogs for some time.



I haven’t contributed anything yet (just my profile stuff), but will soon… once I figure out how to use the wordpress blogging platform.

It will be a fun blog to visit for tutorials, swaps, craft groups and your daily crafty fill.

Pop on over and say hello :-)




There is still time to enter the “Name Game Swap” which is due to begin in January 2012.

Click the button below which will direct you straight to the sign up post.

Name Game Swap - Samelia's Mum

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  1. That new blog sounds great, you'll enjoy being part of a great team.


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