(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The Ikea Edition

I love Ikea. Really, really, REALLY love Ikea.

I love it for the inspiration. I love it for the style. My kids love it, for the cheap hot dogs they get at the end (if they’ve behaved).

Maybe I love it because I’m just a little bit nosey. I just love going through the design kitchens.  Peeking inside of all the drawers and cupboards. Pretending that this loveliness is in my house.

The other day, we visited the newest Ikea store to open. It is the largest Ikea in the Southern Hemisphere with the winding path through the store measuring 2.5km (1.6 mile) long.

It has almost 2,000 parking spaces and even has it’s own free shuttle bus service until the end of November. Seriously!!!

Ikea Bus
Here are a few happy snaps of our day. Loving this red and white spot couch. Love! My little lady thinks it’s pretty swish too.

Ikea - Red & White Spot Couch

And some kitchen shots – kitchens were my focus this time around. Planning and gaining inspiration for my new kitchen. In the house we’re going to build. Next year. But more on that later…

Ikea - Tile Splashback 

Ikea - Kitchen 1 

Ikea - Kitchen 2

Look at how neat and tidy this #2 drawer is. Mine looks like a bomb has gone off inside of it.

Ikea - Drawer # 2

My little lady loves her time at Ikea too. Playing with the kids tea sets.

Ikea - For Kids 

Ikea - Lights 

Have you ever been to Ikea?

Do you love it or loathe it?


  1. Yes, we have Ikea furniture - the wall unit and sofa bed in the library (aka spare bedroom/WM's office), and the wall unit in the loungeroom. I see on some people's blogs that they quilt with fabric bought from Ikea!

  2. Love Ikea. Love it! :D
    Where's the big new one?

  3. I love Ikea! I have only been once because it is way over the other side of Brisbane, but I have heard Brissie will be getting another Ikea on this side of town....when!?! I can't wait!

  4. I love IKEA! Funny story, our Ikea in City of Industry, California quit doing business and then we noticed film company vans parked in the parking lot. Come to find out Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were making their first movie together about the Smiths in the old Ikea building. A real love story was brewing in the old Ikea building right under our noses. Ah such is life in crazy LA suburbs.

  5. Oh how i love Ikea! I can be there for hours, imagining what I could do with my house!

  6. Love Ikea - it is how I got my son to toilet train - you can't go into the kids ball pit if you aren't toilet trained so it worked really well.
    Love Ikea for the products, cheap lunches and dinners and great fun

  7. LOve love love IKEA...everything about IKEA. And can I just say...your daughter is sitting on MY lounge! LOL...I haven't seen it IRL yet, but have been eyeing it off in the catalogue for a while now :)


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