Unicorns ARE real!

Here’s a little snap shot of dinner time conversation last night.

Husband and I were talking about the zoo, going to the zoo, long time since we’d been to the zoo (you know, that type of thing).

Miss 4: I want to go and see the Unicorns at the zoo.

Before I could say anything…

Master 5: Unicorns aren’t real.

Miss 4: Yes they are.

Master 5: No they’re not.


Master 5: Mum, unicorns are not real, are they?

Hmmm… what do you do at this point? You don’t want to disillusion the one child - who absolutely LOVES unicorns and cuddles up with her unicorn stuffed toys every night. She has a few unicorns and is always on the search for more.

On the other hand, the older child is correct and you don’t really want him to go backwards and start believing that unicorns are real. Know what I mean?

Husband diplomatically answered “I think unicorns could be real, but I’ve never actually seen one, so I don’t know for sure”.

This got me thinking about Santa and the day that Master 5 comes home from school and announces that “so-and-so” says that Santa is not real – in front of his younger sister.

What do I say? It’s such a big step and feels like he’d be losing a big part of his childhood.

I need advice from my more experienced parents / friends here.

What do you say to your children, when they ask the important question…

Are unicorns real?
What age do they stop believing in the man in the red suit?

BTW – if your little person loves unicorns too, HERE is a great site on how to draw a unicorn… or print up the page for colouring in.


  1. Daughter is 8 and I never told her the truth about Santa. I have a feeling she knows but reckons that if she stops "believing", she won't get any pressies.

  2. My two children were told that Santa brings the presents, and if they don't keep their thoughts about the existence of Santa to themselves, they would run the risk of no presents. Worked well into their teens.
    Love your blog by the way.
    Claire from http://HandmadebyClaireBear.com

  3. My now 10 yo boy and 8 yo girl were one time arguing about the tooth fairy. 8yo girl was the "doubting Thomas".; ) Love what my 10yo told her in defense of the tooth fairy.

    "Tooth fairies are real if you believe in them".

    Kids are so clever.; )


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