Make a Wheat Bag


Spring Fair is rapidly approaching at my son’s school. I’ve volunteered to co-ordinate the craft stall, so as a result, I’ve been receiving the parent donations for the stall.


I received a great big bag of fleecy fabric in different shapes and sizes which I’m making into wheat bags, happy sacks, juggling bags and pet blankets.


So just to show you that I haven’t been totally un-creative, I thought I’d show you how I make my wheat bags in this quick wheat bag tutorial.




Firstly you need your fabric… I had lot’s to choose from in from the sack.




I think using kids old tracksuit pants (they seem to grow out of everything so quickly), would also work very well.

And then you’ll need some wheat. I’m using hard wheat which I bought in a 25kg sack. This size bag was bought at the produce warehouse.




You can generally buy wheat at wholefood stores. I’ve also heard that rice works well too… so really, the grain is up to you and what you can source.

Each bag will need approximately 1kg (2.2 lbs) of wheat – depending on the size of bag you’re making ofcourse.

Cut 2 layers of fleecy fabric measuring approximately 18” x 6”

Sew down both long sides and one short side – approximately 1/4” – 1/2” with a small stitch.



Trim the corners and turn out the bag.

Fold the bag into thirds and use an iron to press the folds – these creases will be your stitching guide. As my fabric didn’t look like it would agree with a hot iron, I used chalk to draw my lines. Whatever works for you.

Pour in approximately 1/3 of the wheat (I’ve recycled the scooper from my washing powder for this job).




Hold the wheat in place with a few pins across the width of the bag so they don’t get caught under the machine needle.




Stitch along the fold or drawn line and remove the pins.




Add the next 1/3 of wheat, pin and stitch along the line then remove pins.


Add the final 1/3 of wheat, pin in the wheat, fold in the top edges and top stitch along the top, closing the bag. There you have it, a completed wheat bag in approximately 10 - 15 minutes.


Pop into the microwave for 1-2 minutes and use on your sore muscles or aching joints.


Fold it up into thirds, add a pretty ribbon and gift it to a friend. They make great gifts and are so quick and easy to make.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial. If you do make this item or any other item using one of my tutorials, feel free to add your photo to my Samelia’s Mum photo pool on Flickr, HERE.


  1. They sound quick and easy to make, have fun at the craft sale.

  2. I have done with this rice, which is more readily available to me. It works well. I have given several to elderly friends. I have also made one to pop in the bottom of the basket of dinner rolls to help keep them warm.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. We changed to flax seed mixed with a little lavender for our fete projects as the vermin don't find it appealing.

  4. Thanks so much, I think I'll make some too.

  5. My aunt used to make these and she said to stick the wheat in the freezer for 24 hours and it will kill anything that is living in it already.

    I love the idea of making one for the dinner roll basket!

  6. I have two wheat bags and was thinking I needed more (they make great bed warmers) so thanks for a timely tutorial!

  7. what a great idea,thankyou for the tutorial

  8. Hihi!

    We make wheatbags too and actually have an online store ( you have produced a very professional tutorial on how to make wheatbags. I have a couple of comments to make.

    1. The hard wheat is the right choice, farmers also call it biscuit wheat I heard and its the right wheat to use. The cleaner the better.

    2. As Karen Wilson commented, freezing is a good way to keep anything alive dead, but you must repeat the process after a week or so. Alternatively, keep microwaving them. It will kill antyhing alive.

    3. Rice is ok and will work, but wheat has the best physical properties so get that if you can!


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