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Remember my post about the Quilt & Craft fair last month? No? Well you can pop over and have a look now. The link is HERE. Go on. I’ll wait.

Why am I referring to this post you ask? Well I wrote about the workshop I’d attended with Sue Daley and my discovery of the Sewline Glue Pen. I was in love with it then, and I’m still in love with it now.

I use the glue pen for my English paper piecing, but there are many more uses for it – including applique, quilting and general sewing. It’s a water soluble blue glue which dries clear and quickly. Once glued, the fabric pieces can be pulled apart, so not to worry if they are misplaced or need to be adjusted.

I hate tacking. It’s the most tedious part of English paper piecing. It takes so long and then you end up with little bits of thread all over the place. The Sewline glue pen is the perfect solution.
I just dot the glue stick in 3 places along the line of the fabric and then fold over onto the paper. Finger press for a second and it’s stuck down. Perfect!

English Paper Pieced Flower - Glue
Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

I think this product is fantastic, so I wrote to Sewline and told them so. Sewline have kindly given me some of these glue pens to giveaway. But more on that later…

I just want to tell you a little bit about a few other Sewline products which I’ve had the opportunity to review, like the Sewline Trio.

I love to stitch. I’ve always used the water soluble blue pens to transfer the designs onto the fabric. You know the ones? They’re great, though sometimes, getting the blue ink to completely disappear can be hard. You spray it and it’s gone then when the fabric dries, little blue smudges appear again.
The Sewline Trio is a fabric pencil with a unique 360 degree rotating mechanism for three functions in one. It comes with a thin 0.9mm black lead for marking on lighter cloth, a 0.9mm white lead for dark cloth (completely invaluable) and a blank roller for tracing or making indentations on fabric. The pen also comes with a small eraser located underneath the top cover and a soft triangular grip. Refills are available so you don’t need to buy another whole new pen.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I tried it out last night and am smitten. I’m ready to throw out all of my blue pens and just use the Sewline Trio. The pencil lines are so thin and the transferred design looks so neat. Plus it doesn’t dry out. You can come back to it in a few months and it’s still going to work.

Sewline Trio

Sorry it’s not the best photo – taking photos at night isn’t a very good idea.
Sewline have lot’s of other great products like the AIRerasable Fabric Pen, AQUAeraser and the Sewline Needle Threader.
Pop on over to the Australian site - - for more information on these products and stockists. For international enquiries, please

Now for the giveaway. I have 4 of the Sewline Fabric Glue Pens to giveaway. If you’d like to be in the running to win one of these versatile fabric glue pens, just leave a comment telling me:



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