Quilt Fair - Part 2

Are you ready to see some more pretty quilts from the Craft and Quilt Fair?

This gorgeousness is by the fabulous, Bronwyn Hayes. It was at the Homespun stand and as soon as I saw it, I recognized her work. Love it! Look for it in an upcoming issue of Australian Homespun.

This next quilt has the most beautiful applique. It is called Dotty Garden by Ann Langley.

Nice, huh?

This next quilt is called Morocco Magic by Wendy Scott. Wendy was inspired to create this quilt after a trip to Morocco. The colours are AMAZING. It is created with 12 segments - 880 pieces in total.

Jarrah's Track by Isobel Lancashire. So many curves. Does the thought of sewing curves scare anyone else?

This quilt is called Colours of the Rainbow and is by Emilia Blanch. Emilia is 15. Can you imagine making a quilt like this at 15? I was too busy having crushes on boys, shopping and "hanging out" with my friends, to make quilts. Reminds me of the Red Pepper Quilt style. An upcoming Rita perhaps?

Wonky fabulousness! It's called Mrs Busy turns 50 and is made by Robyn Shipton.

And a close up... love the quilting.

Fancy Flowers Goes Bollywood is made by Elaine Raahauge. It is embroidered on Dupioni silk.

A better look at some of the detail

Now for some purple... it is called A Little Bit Purple by Pam Russell. There is never enough purple in quilts. It is strip pieced using 60o triangles.

Lucky last one to show you. This one is called Over and Under by Pat Dwyer. It was one of the last quilts I saw and fell in love. It's a small one - probably doll sized - but oh so eye catching!

It has all sorts of mixed fabrics, techinques and bits of bling.

I think it's fab!

So, did you feel like you were there too?


In other news, have you heard about the sales going on over at AccuQuilt? Sales ends on 5 July so go and have a look. I know it takes a long time to decide with so many great dies to choose from.

Also, AccuQuilt are offering the GO! Alex Anderson die set with the purchase of a GO! Baby.



  1. Beautiful quilts. The one by Ann Langley has a lot of the same blocks as From My Heart To Your Hands "Folk Art Melody", the style is very similar to Lori Smith's designs, which I love!! Lovely quilts!

  2. Awesome quilts. I haven't been to a quilt show in a long time. I may have to find one nearby soon.

  3. So many absolutely beautiful quilts, and all so different. The purple one is really eye-catching:)

  4. loved looking at all the quilts...........

  5. Amazing quilts. The purple is stunning so is the Moroccan...THEY ALL ARE.

  6. Are those mirrors in the Over & Under flower centers? What can I say but SEW Creative!

  7. Beautiful quilts!! Thank you for showing us!

  8. The Christmas themed quilt has to be my favourite! Although they are all lovely.

    Pop over to my blog as I am having a giveaway. Join in the fun!

    Sue x

  9. Gosh a few of these just take my breath away!

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour of the show , just awesome , it would be difficult to choose a favorite .

  11. Beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing.

  12. Gorgeous quilts! My fav is the second.
    On a separate note, loved browsing through your blog: lots of interesting posts!


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