Great mail day

My partner for June in Quilt Block Swap Australia (QBSA) is Teresa of Quilting, Stitching and Sew On. I love reading Teresa's blog because I get to practice my Portuguese.... but for the non-Portuguese speakers, Teresa posts in English too.

Look at these goodies which arrived in my mailbox today.

Not 1, but 2 blocks. Aren't they gorgeous?!?

Plus this beautiful bookmark and pot holder.

Thank you so very much Teresa. I love, love, love everything!!


  1. What are those super yummy dots in your header? Love them every time I come to read your blog :)

  2. I'm glad to know that my package arrived safely.I 'm also vary happy that you liked the blocks. As I couldn't choose which to send I decided to send them both.

  3. They are gorgeous! I'm only just learning my way around a sewing machine but loving having another creative outlet! I've browsed your etsy store and been very inspired, keep up the awesome work!

  4. They are just gorgeous!!! I really love the potholder.

  5. Beautifully crafted blocks they are too, you have been blessed in a very special way!

  6. Eles são todos muito belo. Você é muito sortudo.


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