DUDQS2 - Look at what I received

I participated in the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap 2 this time around and have to say that it was alot of fun. Stalking your partner for their likes and dislikes makes you feel like a Quilty P.I.

Watching all of the quilts grow in the Flickr group... and then wondering if that quilt could be yours, or that quilt, or maybe that one.

The quilt I sent out to my partner was back in THIS post. My partner was Kate of One Flew Over and I really hope she loved hers.

I received this lovely doll sized quilt, in the post earlier this week. My partner was Debra at OhFlotsam. It has lot's of hand quilting and these gorgeous appliqued felt flowers.

Having looked at previous comments and posts (now that I know who my partner is), I think Debra has even made the felt herself. Wow, clever lady!

Thank you for being my swap partner Debra. I absolutely love my quilt.


More on the Pot Holder Swap coming soon. I haven't forgotten, I've just been a little swamped at home with sick kids, sick husband and sick me. Don't you hate flu season?

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  1. Yes it is that time of year. I hope you all feel better soon.
    Your quilt is lovely!


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