Tuesday Treasure

Random beauty is a wonderful thing. I came across this chalk work on the walkway at Southbank in Melbourne.

It had rained on and off most of the day and it may be slightly blurred, but hasn't washed away.

Makes me wonder about the artist.

Makes me wonder about the model.

Makes for a lovely romantic story - in my imagination - of a poor artist who found the love of his life and lost her. He now paints her portrait in random spaces in the hope of finding her again... or it could be no-one at all. Just a commissioned work for the tourists.

I think I prefer my first version better. What is your treasure?


  1. I find these chalk artists fascinating. To be able to leave a beautiful piece of your work there to the elements knowing it will disappear shows great courage and a true example of living in the moment. Thanks for sharing. I loved it!

  2. I wish I had seen something so beautiful on my way to work today, or during - but alas - nothing. It is still Monday here though, So I have time to keep my eyes peeled looking for beauty!

  3. I love your version of this story,lovely portait and clever artist.

  4. Great art, I wonder too.
    Thanks for sharing your Treasure with us.
    Happy days.

  5. Lovely treasure and romantic story.

  6. :) I do like your story best. Lovely treasure - the moment and the photo.

  7. Botticelli's Birth of Venus is the subject matter, I believe! Street artists are amazing aren't they?

  8. I was at Southbank the weekend before last and saw the artist who does this work. It's amazing. He had a hat on the ground with a sign that said "Any donations would be appreciated especially if you are taking photos." I guess it is another form of busking.

  9. I like your version best too and the artist is sure talented .

  10. I always look forward to your posts. You chose a fabulous treasure this week. I love your version of the drawings history. Thanks for joining in TT again.

  11. I like your romantic imagination! What a pretty find!

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