Tuesday Treasure

I'm sure we all went on lot's of car trips when we were young. Cars were clunkier, noisier with sticky vinyl seats and AM radio. My dad fish oiled his car to protect it against rust, so the car permanently smelled like rotting fish. Add to that the ultra plush imitation sheepskin covers which were itchy on bare legs and the fact that the car was a fluoro lime green - it all made for unpleasant car trips. We survived though. My sister and I used to make up games to stay amused.
These days, if we're taking the kids on a car journey, which lasts over an hour, the in-car DVD player comes out. 2 screens which fit onto the headrests and a folder of DVD's to choose from. How wonderful these would have been in dad's old green Holden Torana, back in the 80's.

So this is my treasure for today. We're 3 hours into the 11 hour trip so a few more DVD's to come. What modern day treasure do you have? More treasures at House on the Side of the Hill.


  1. what a great idea !!!

  2. I think if we had them (there were 4 of us) there would have been a lot less fighting in the back!!
    (in those days it didn't matter how many you put in the back seat - and no belts either!!)
    Definitely a treasure....

  3. Oh, wish I'd had one of those when my kids were young! Spotto was a good standby! LOL!

  4. That sure would have come in handy with three little boys when I was a young Mom , wonderful invention !

  5. Great invention the car DVD player. Thanks to that, my daughter and I have made two long trips, one to Texas, one to Maine, with three young children. A third is planned for August, the kids have become wonderful travelers, and we are happy to see things we enjoy.

  6. Looks great. My kids missed out and I remember I had BP spotto as a kid!

  7. Gosh it certainly is all high tech nowadays, our children played names with the number plates and eye spy was a favourite.
    Thanks for sharing your treasure.

  8. Aren't kids these days so lucky on boring long trips. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure today.

  9. My kids have DVD players, MP3's and iPads but I have been limiting their use on long trips because they just miss out on too much. They miss the beautiful scenery, the wildlife and the landmarks and attractions.
    But when we drive for hours and hours they can use them.
    They are a real sanity saver at times :-)


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