Tuesday Treasure

Well my treasure for today is my 'kid free Tuesday'. I've dropped my son off at school and my daughter at pre-school and I have the day ahead of me.

- I can go to the shopping centre without 5 trips to the toilet and 3 tantrums because I won't buy what they want or won't let them on the rides (those shopping centre rides are a rant for another day).

- I can have a coffee, while it's hot and not have to share my cappuccino froth with anyone.

- I can go clothes shopping without someone outside the changeroom complaining they're borrrrrrrrred.

- I can go to the hairdresser and get my hair coloured or go and get a manicure without a little person wanting a turn too.

- I can spend the day sewing without needing to referee arguments about who did what to whom, or who ate the last cookie, or who played with MY toy.

- I can clean the house and have it remain clean for more than a few minutes.

- I can read a book, magazine or blog hop til I'm content.

- I watch some daytime tv - I love Ellen and Oprah but so rarely get to see them.

Or I can just look forward to the hours til I get my fill of cuddles, kisses and news of the day.

What's your Tuesday Treasure? More Tuesday treasures over at The House on the Side of the Hill.


  1. Wow! I wonder what a day like that would look like!

  2. All the choices sound great but I think it is the last option of those long awaited hugs & kisses you want most! Enjoy your day. Tracee xx

  3. Enjoy your day..... it's amazing how the time goes so quickly....

  4. Hope you enjoy whatever you choose. Just live in the moment and don't think about the things you couldn't fit in.

  5. Lol, sounds like Tuesday is Mummy's play day! Enjoy it and you still have the kisses and cuddles at the end of the day.

  6. Ha ha...... I usually have to make those five trips to the toilet for myself! (Thanks, blood pressure medicine!)

  7. Oh such a wonderful treasure and one to really cherish, especially when you have young children.
    I find as mine get older I am wishing they would come home a bit more often as it is so quite and they are missed around here.
    Enjoy your time, it is wonderful to have such a treasure.

  8. Your posts are always wonderful and this one is just delightful. Even though it's quite a while ago now, I do remember those days well. The best time of my life really although I didn't always think so at the time. Hope you had a great time doing what ever you chose and cherish those hugs and kisses too.

  9. Hello,

    Enjoy your day, childhood is only a moment in time.
    Happy days.

  10. Enjoy your day and make the most of it. x

  11. I hear you, Anorina. I have my two at school now and look forward to racing around and getting everything done. I do enjoy the chaos when I get them home.

  12. What a lovely Tuesday Treasure! I hope your day, whatever you did, was a treasure!

  13. Sounds like it could be an awesome day!!

  14. I hope you enjoyed your kid free day and also enjoyed those hugs and kisses at the end of the day ;-)

  15. Hope you had a great day. I think all Mums deserve them. But I'm sure you loved those hugs and kisses when they came your way.


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