Mug Rug Swap

I love mug rugs. I love to make them as they're little pieces of loveliness that are fast to make. They're also a great way to use up scrappy pieces of fabric that you can't throw away. You know the ones? I'm sure you're like me and have a huge basket of pieces you can't bring yourself to throw out.

I joined the mug rug swap over at the Quilting Gallery early this year.

We were to make the mug rugs and post them to our secret partners so they would reach their destination by the end of February. I made mine and sent them early as they were going to Europe (can't remember if it was to Denmark or perhaps Norway). My partner received hers and all was great.

I then sat and eagerly awaited my mug rugs from my secret partner. When I didn't receive them part way into March, I emailed Michele over at the Quilting Gallery and she followed it up for me. My partner had posted hers from Germany on 12 February, so you'd think after a month they would have arrived. In the end, we put them down to being "lost" in the postal system and I pretty much accepted that I wouldn't receive them... until yesterday.

Posted in Germany on 12 Feburary 2011
Arrived in Australia on 28 April 2011

Boy oh boy. I went from being surprised to very, very, VERY excited in a matter of seconds and I tried to rip into the package as quickly as possible. 

They may have taken 2.5 months to arrive, but geez they were worth the wait. My partner, Ruth, has made the perfect rugs for me. She has used lots of bright, bold colour which I LOVE.

Thank you so very much Ruth. They're absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Okay, now that you've read the story keep scrolling to have a look at these little beauties...

Not only has Ruth sent me to beautiful mug rugs, but she's included a lovely post card and some chocolate. This lady knows me well.

I'm involved in a couple of blocks swaps, hexagons swaps, the downunder quilt swap and an online bee... but I'm thinking it's time for another swap soon. There are lots of different swaps doing the rounds of blogland at the moment.
Are you involved in any swaps?
Do you know of any new upcoming swaps you'd like to share?

Happy Friday everyone xo


  1. There is one getting ready to start here... the Flickr group is Hope to see you there

  2. WHAT!!!!! that is amazing and they are sooooooo nice, I'm glad they finally turned up.
    The swap mentioned above is the only one I know about that is due to start soon

  3. Very beautiful. It was worth the wait. Sometimes they held up the contents are not accurately declared. I am not sure of any starting soon except for Leona's Mug rug swap adventure 2. We should start our own. Any ideas?

  4. Oh lucky you... my rug is still LoSt in mail heaven somewhere between the USA and Oz! Oh well... I still have a chance! :)

  5. I sent a swap item to England at the very beginning of March which hasn't arrived yet. I'm so bummed. Glad yours finally arrived - maybe mine will too, although I'm going to remake and resend now. Cheryl who commented above me has a swap going on.

  6. Those are lovely mug rugs..... and I have seen beauties you have made.... yup... i love swaps too... in a few at the moment...

  7. Wow! That's quite an odyssey!! Glad you received your beautiful mug rug!!

  8. You have just given me some hope. A friend posted a birthday parcel to me nearly 6 weeks ago from Canada to France, it still hasn't arrived... I so hope I am lucky and it does get here eventually. Hugs.

  9. I'm still waiting for my Doll Quilt, I'm one of the last people who haven't received one. Maybe it's just taking it's time like yours did. Stunning mug rugs, so bright and cheery!!

  10. Wow , those are really lovely mug rugs , lucky you !I had the same problem one year at Christmas the parcel took over two months to get to Denmark and I was sure it would never arrive but it eventually did ,that's postal service for you ;-)

  11. Boy the postal service is getting tardy!
    They look great and worth the wait!
    The swap I was thinking of has already been mentioned...can't think of any others at the moment.

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  14. Dear Anorina,
    I'm so glad that the mug rugs found their way to your doorstep and that they were received so enthusiasticly. I had given them up for lost and am really happy that they did make it halfway around the world after all and that you like them. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

    Have a great fall

    PS: Something was wrong, so I had to delete two postings, sorry!


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