Beach Holiday

*singing voice* We're all going on a summer holiday... no more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on our summer holiday... no more worries for me or you... for a week or two..."

Let me just start by saying that it's not summer. Autumn has arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere, and last night was positively fresh. Hubby's work decided that April was when he was allowed to take his annual leave, so we're making the most of it.

We've been to the beach. We've paddled and got more than just our toes wet. We've built sand castles and dug holes. We've collected shells and rocks. We've splashed through rock pools. We've fished and eaten our catch.

Not much crafty stuff to show you today - just some holiday snaps.

Seashells by the seashore

Toes in the water...
Can you see the last rays of sunlight as it sets over the mountain?

Pink Seaweed

Seaweed Salad

I haven't touched my sewing machine in over 2 weeks and to say I'm having withdrawals is an understatement. We head home on the weekend so I'm sure there'll be some sewing sessions not long after :-)


  1. The beach sounds LOVERLY! I could handle the beach for a week. =) I'm sure you're having machine withdraws though...I have those on occasion! =)

  2. I love beach holidays!
    I would be having serious withdrawals too!

  3. I love The beach.And holidays too. Here is Spring but is raining cats and dogs.How I envy you.

  4. I have this vague urge to watch the 'Summer Holiday' movie now... Oh, Cliff!! LOL


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