Trimming HST's

I'm making a block for a swap and am going for some bright happy colours.

HST (half square triangles) are the basis of a lot of blocks, which is great.

I love them... once they're trimmed and ready to go. Trimming them down to size is a tedious job - especially if you're making alot of them.

Anyone have any great tips on how to make trimming HST's more fun?

PS. And if anyone is interested, I'm still on top of the Survivor Fantasy League ladder after week 3. Go me!


  1. I'm with you. I love HSTs once they're trimmed. Until then: not so much.

    I've seen a different method recently where you stitch around the outside of a large square, then cut it twice diagonally. I hear it keeps things straighter and may even eliminate the need to trim! I think I saw it on Kati's blog (from the blue chair). If that's wrong, let me know and I'll try to find it for you.

  2. My Feelings exactly .HST are great and used a lot in many blocks. They are easy to make but trimming...YUCK!

  3. I have found about 3 different rulers/methonds this week.....not sure if you have to trim them all but not keen on the trimming idea..........

  4. I like to use a square ruler with a diagonal line so just trimming 2 sides.......we save all our trimings here and they eventually end up as toilet tissue for 3rd world countries, ultimate in recycling.


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