Down Under Doll Quilt Swap - Round 2

I'm so excited to be participating in the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.

I've been involved in lot's of swaps, but never in a doll quilt swap. This is going to be sooooo much fun.

Incase my swap partner comes looking, here is my mosaic of a few Flickr fave's. Can you see the common theme?

Mosaic 2 by Samelia's Mum
Mosaic 2 a photo by Samelia's Mum on Flickr.

1. mariner's compass, 2. DQS#10 finished...., 3. Colourful Umbrellas, 4. "Color Play", 5. uhg swap finished, 6. DQS10 Quilt Finished!!, 7. "Over the River" - Finished, 8. FMF mug rug - sent to Shanz!!, 9. Dahlia Quilt, 10. DQS#9 Pink & Purple version., 11. Candy Button Space Spore no.2, 12. Fancy a Quilt-A-Long?, 13. Bottle Cap Pincushions #388-399, 14. Zipper quilt, 15. My lovely Kaffe Fassett quilt top, 16. Dot to Dot Is Finished!, 17. cocktails on the beach, 18. This is for you partner, 19. Sil's creation, 20. Eggplant Love, 21. Leaf Light detail, 22. Back, 23. Seeing Squares quilt, 24. flea market fancy strip quilt , 25. The New Version


  1. I was going to put my name down for this swap but forgot to check back and missed out by a about an hour! So disappointed :(

  2. I have juts participated in my first doll swap...........lots of fun.........

  3. Hi...oh the pressure is on.
    I look forward to gaining inspiration from this..although i had already started on your quilt, i can adlib now that i have seen this.
    Is it possible you could do me a favour, if it is simple of course. How do you make these mosaics? Is ti simple? Dont worry if its too involved, I know you are a busy mum.
    Love your work. Look forward to swapping with you.
    Have a great day:)


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