March sent and received

Look at this beauty I received today from my BSA(Block Swap Adventure) March partner, Suzanne of Quilt Sew Scrap.

Gawjus! Absolutely gorgeous.

It is going to work perfectly with my other blocks.

Thank you so much Suzanne.

I absolutely LOVE it.

While I'm at it, I know my partners have both received their blocks, so I can now show you what I sent them. These photos aren't the greatest as I took them on my phone. It's just so easy though.

Here's the block I sent to Suzanne. Bright and happy was the request. I think this has fullfilled that request, don't you? The starflower block is one of my favourites.

Fiona at Bubz Rugz was my swap partner in the QBSA (Quilt Block Swap Australia) and asked for a wonky iSpy block, so here's what I sent.

Definitely wonky. I hope it works well with her quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.

Happy Friday everyone xo


  1. I love my block - and the extra pieces it brought with it... thanks....

  2. It was a pleasure to make your block and I am glad you liked it. I love my block too! Many thanks.

  3. Lovely blocks, all of them, although the wonky one is my favorite!

  4. I am now hooked on these iSpy wonky blocks!!
    I'm blaming Fiona for my addiction!!
    ...on the other hand, I'll have to THANK her for making me search my fabric stash for suitable fabrics which created major sorting/cleaning/culling affair !!
    My stash room looks much bigger now...gosh,
    does that mean I can fit more fabric in there??


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