Hexie Flower Wednesday & Freezer Paper

My hexie flower garden is beginning to grow :-)

Flower for my February Swap Partner who requested dusty blue petals and a dusty brown centre

Received these 2 lovely from my lovely swap partner in my forum swap

Received this gorgeous flower from my Feb partner Geniene.
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

And here's one to send to a friend... just because :-)

I also came up with a new way of making hexies... well it's probably not new, but it's new to me and I think I'm a bit clever for having thought of it.

Firstly, get yourself a hexagon template.
I received mine (for my b'day) from Jane at Want It! Need It! Quilt It!. While you're there, have a look at the gorgeous fabrics she has in her store. Now wipe away the drool and put your Visa card away.

Trace out your 7 hexies onto some Reynolds freezer paper - this stuff is magic!

Cut out your freezer paper hexies and iron them onto the back of your fabric (make sure you leave enough space between the hexies for your seam).

Trim them and have them ready to sew, wherever you go (ie waiting in the car to pick up the kids from school). No need for a pin to hold your paper in place.

Speaking of which... time to pick up kids from school :-)


  1. Gorgeous hexies!
    Might have to get myself some freezer paper!

  2. Lovely hexies. I've been using freezer paper for everything for years. you get a nice crisp edge if you use 2 pieces ironed together before you cut it out. Also did you know the freezer paper needs to be shrunk before using?

  3. Thanks Jeanette. Didn't know about shrinking it first.

  4. Who knew? And how exactly does one go about shrinking freezer paper?

  5. Great idea! Is the freezer paper stable enough? Love your growing flower garden. These hexies are addictive, aren't they?

  6. Hello! I need you help. I am from Serbia, and english is not my native language. Can you explain to me what is "freezer paper". Is it some special paper for quilting or...? It looks like paper I use for baking cakes in Serbia. Quilting is not widespread in Serbia and we do not have specialized quilting shops, and even school dictionary is not very helpful in translating quilting terms.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello from Canada. Yes it is the same paper you use in your baking.

  7. I'll have to try the freezer paper method. Your hexie flowers are lovely

  8. now thats a good way to use my freezer paper and save the printer paper lol. nice hexies.

  9. Nice hexies. The freezer paper method is great for hexies and applique. By popular Joanne (Pbpatch) is now selling freezer paper packs. I wish I had a GO! to whip out the templates in bulk.

  10. These hexies are so pretty!!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful flowers! A excellent way to use freezer paper. I'm a big fan of freezer paper.

  12. Wow love your hexies....can you tell me where I can get freezer paper in Sydney. Thank you


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