Blissful Bliss

A shopping expedition with Miss 3 and Master 4 had left me ready to pull my hair out. Why does everything need to be picked up, touched, moved, played with? We do we need to pull and grab at eachother - constantly? Why do we think playing catch is a good idea through the fruit and veg aisle?

Got home seriously grouchy and in dire need of a cup of tea. I went to get the mail and found a HUGE package in my mail box from Fabric Shack. Oh boy, the grouchy mood disappeared quick smart.

My Bliss fabric has arrived. Yay! How can anyone be grouchy when looking at this yummy fabric ???

Hmmm... now what to make...


  1. I have just been looking at that pack, it is gorgeous. It will be in my next order from Fabric Shack. This time around I ordered:
    Moda - Half Moon charm pack
    Moda - Make Life charm pack
    Moda - Pashmina charm pack
    Plus some Kona Cotton dimension solids and Sateen Solids.

    Yay for the Fabric Shack

  2. Lol, been there, done that. Fabric is your 'treat' for having to take the children with you! Fortunately they grow into nice adults... eventually.


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