Tuesday Treasure

Here's todays Tuesday treasure.

It's a little bit different... it's unusual... it's noice (for anyone out there who loves "Kath & Kim").

Kids grow up way to quickly. It seems only yesterday they were helpless little babies who'd just eat, sleep and poop. These days they're becoming so much more independant and think they can do everything.

One of the last things to go from being baby cute, to little girl, is toes. My little girls toes to be precise. She was sittting out in the sun painting on her little red plastic table and her toes were just peeking out of her "Too-Big" thongs. I couldn't resist a photo.

So there. That's my Tuesday Treasure. What's yours?

Come and join in the Tuesday Treasure fun at Clare's Craftroom.


  1. A treasure indeed - such a cute picture too.... Hugz

  2. You're so right they are noice ! What a lovely treasure , thanks for showing us and playing along !

  3. How cute is that, I love little childrens toes and fingers , a treasure for sure .

  4. Such a cute pic - I remember kissing little toes when my boys were small, after a bath - if I'd only known what they'd grow into, lol!

  5. Super cute thongs on those little feet - Surely a treasure!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. So cute chubby little feet and toes!!!!1 definitely to be treasured

  7. I love these tiny feet and toes. It reminds me of my daughter when she was a baby, now she 23 yrs. Time goes by very fast.
    -Samya :-)


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